Is it ok to put baby powder on dogs

Can you use Johnson's baby powder on dogs?

is it ok to put baby powder on dogs

Many pet parents and sitters wonder if putting baby powder on dogs is safe. This question is asked a lot, especially during the winter months.

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Started by GrumpySmurf , July 30, I know, don't believe everything I read! He's 11 weeks old. Anyway, I have a strong sense of smell and am very sensitive to all smells. Doggy smell is not a favourite of mine. Since having him for 1 week, I've given him 2 baths 1st when he just arrived as he smelt strongly after travelling 10 hours in a crate, and 2nd time after he pooped in the crate and stepped over it.

Baby powder can go far beyond bathtime. This product has a host of other uses Here are my favorite other uses for baby powder. Flickr Photo by Mandi Gaga. Fight Shoe Odor. Although we deny it, we've all had a pair of shoes that have smelled less then fresh.

I like to rub a couple of handfuls of dry oat flour or coconut flour to the longest, fluffiest part of the coat, wait a couple minutes, then towel it off or.
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Flea bites can be annoying, itchy and in extreme cases cause anemia and hair loss to your dog. Fleas are tapeworm carriers, and their bites can cause some allergic reactions to your pets. The effects of flea bites can be transmitted from animals to humans. Removing fleas from your home is no mean task, and you have to eliminate them you have limited options in choosing one of the available harsh chemicals that can be a danger to you and the animals. Fleas are small flat insects filled with blood because that is their primary meal.

Is it ok to put baby powder on my dog?





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