2018 honda accord sport 0 60

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2018 honda accord sport 0 60

We test the Honda Accord in three trim levels. Our T Touring model's second mph time precisely matches that of our last.

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How good does a marque have to be for it to continually succeed for ten generations in an increasingly difficult market? For ten generations, now, the Honda Accord has been a top-seller and a class-leader. While the midsize sedan segment is tougher than ever with Toyota's Camry, Hyundai's Sonata, and Ford's Fusion all offering compelling packages, the Honda Accord appeals to enthusiasts with an upbeat chassis, two turbocharged engines, and the choice of a manual gearbox in place of an available CVT and on some models a speed automatic. More than that, the horsepower 1. After a major redesign for the model year, Honda has kept the line-up relatively unchanged for The changes are limited to just a single item, with the Touring trim now only available with the 2. Aside from that, the Accord continues unchanged.

An accord by definition is an agreement. And I think we can all agree that the Honda Accord has been one of the most successful cars of all time, with over 13 million sold here in the U. Sedan sales being what they are these days, you might think Honda would just do a light makeover for the Honda Accord and call it a year. This 10th generation Accord is all-new, riding on a lighter chassis that allows for a lower, wider stance. Wheelbase is up by over two inches, with virtually all of it upping rear leg roof. Up front, Honda has blended a sportier theme into the familiar space; starting with a nicely thick steering wheel, and adding additional bolstering to the seats. The gauge panel is virtual, but there are dials here, not just a digital readout for speed like some other Hondas.

Might it be possible to design a midsize sedan so attractive, so dynamic, and so generally compelling that it at least slows the sales exodus from sedans to crossovers? Probably not, but wow, Honda sure is giving it the old college try with its 10th-gen Accord. The design is cleaner and more upscale inside and out, the mainstream engines are both turbocharged, and each can be had with your choice of a sporty six-speed manual transmission or a paddle-shifted automatic. And get this—not only is the bigger engine adapted from the hot-hatch boy-racer Civic Type R, but when paired with a spanking new ten-speed automatic the sedan's also quicker to 60 mph than the Type R! OK, don't bait a Type R in your Accord either, because you'll be eating its dust shortly after 60 mph—it's only the automatic's seamless shifts that briefly put the sedan ahead of the lighter, more powerful row-your-own Type R.

Honda Accord 0-60 times

2018 Honda Accord Sedan 2.0 Turbo Sport 0-60 MPH

Our mission is to present an easy-to-read and comprehensive information on Honda Accord mph and quarter mile for the devoted geeks, as it is an essential indicator of the vehicle power. Before crossovers became popular, midsize sedans were the go-to-choice for small families., Our love for the new Honda Accord knows no bounds. The heart of the Accord line is powered by a turbocharged 1.


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