Ace frehley new york groove

New York Groove

ace frehley new york groove

Ace Frehley, best known as the lead guitarist of Kiss, recorded "New York Groove " for his first solo album, Ace Frehley.

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However, the song was originally performed by the Glam band Hello back in The Hello song did pretty well in the UK hitting 9 and 7 in Germany. So, that became the theme of the song and eventually he would finish the song. It is actually a very fun song and I can see why they had a minor hit with it. Ace knew Russ from when Kiss opened for Argent back in the day and has worked with Russ numerous times. The hand-clapping sound of the original was more of a foot-stomping sound and the harmonica riff was replaced by guitar…well duh.

Russ Ballard might've written this foot-stomping anthem, but when Kiss's Ace Frehley recorded New York Groove for his solo album in he.
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It peaked at 13 on the Billboard and 25 in Canada in Frehley was born and raised in the Bronx, so the Big Apple is his kinda town. Guitar, Bass, song writer, View all posts by badfinger Like Liked by 2 people. That is a good price!

Ace Frehley – New York Groove

Ace Frehley:New York Groove Lyrics

The song was a number nine hit in the UK, [1] and subsequently reached number seven in Germany. Ace Frehley , best known as the lead guitarist of Kiss , recorded "New York Groove" for his first solo album, Ace Frehley , released in ; the album was released concurrently with solo albums from the other three Kiss members: Peter Criss , Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Released as a single, the song made it to No. Frehley once told Rolling Stone magazine that his unique take on the song was inspired by his experience with hookers in New York City's Times Square in the s. The Hello version is featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV on the in-game radio station Liberty Rock Radio, as well as being one of four songs to play during the end credits after the games theme played.




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