Nyle dancing with the stars

Nyle DiMarco

nyle dancing with the stars

Nyle & Peta's Tango/Chacha Fusion - Dancing with the Stars

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Every season on Dancing With the Stars , you're guaranteed to hear at least one judge say that they just witnessed the best dance in the competition—but very rarely will you hear them say they just witnessed their favorite dance ever. And you almost never hear them say that they just watched the best dance they've ever seen. Yet that's exactly what viewers got on night one of finale week, when judge Carrie Ann Inaba gave deaf contestant Nyle DiMarco and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd , that honor. Dancing to Disturbed's "Sound of Silence" cover, Nyle and Peta did more than just dance—they were stunning. Was it the best ever though? And who has the best chance of winning the coveted Mirrorball trophy?

Nyle DiMarco continued to amaze during the Dancing With the Stars semi-finals on Monday, when the deaf model challenged himself in an entirely new way by performing blindfolded. The year-old heartthrob, who is the first fully-deaf competitor on DWTS , removed another one of his senses during his passionate Argentine tango -- set to "Unsteady" by the X Ambassadors -- with his pro partner, Peta Murgatroyd. As she slipped the blindfold over DiMarco's eyes, it was clear that the emotional performance was something special, and a way for the handsome America's Next Top Model winner to further amaze those who already can't believe how great he is at dancing despite being totally deaf. The performance clearly moved every one of the judges, who couldn't contain their adoration and praise for the flawless routine. The dance earned the pair a perfect score of 30 out of

Yet the performer says he never really thought about dancing until he was contacted by the show—probably because DiMarco also happens to be deaf. There are many of incredibly talented deaf dancers in the world, but the hearing community rarely learns about them. DiMarco and his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd have worked hard to break down these stereotypes by showcasing a stream of impressive ballroom moves. It definitely shows that I am working twice as hard to actually earn this. Peta brings out the performance. I feel like I can see the music and can see how the character of the music actually flows.

Nyle DiMarco is the winning celebrity from season 22 of Dancing with the Stars. Retrieved from taiwanstadium.com Nyle DiMarco is an actor, model and spokesman.
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Nyle and Peta's moving freestyle dance on Monday night's Dancing With the Stars was a highlight of the season and — some might say — of the entire series. Released in late , the song became a viral hit after the band performed it on Conan, and the official video has now been seen more than 55 million times on YouTube. When it came time to pick a song for his freestyle, Nyle and Peta turned to the haunting cover. The only hitch was that pairs always need to obtain permission before using any song in their routines. So Nyle, who is deaf, took matters into his own hands and penned a touching letter to the band, which they shared on their website Monday. My name is Nyle DiMarco. I am Deaf.

In one of the closest competitions ever, the top model won the ultimate battle of the ballroom. The fact that he's been deaf since birth made Nyle's season-long adventure one of the most memorable and mesmerizing feats in Dancing with the Stars history. Since Nyle is deaf, Peta learned sign language to help communicate with her new partner, and it paid off. Nyle can't hear anything at all, but still totally nailed his first dance. See why! The beautiful, flowing routine had the crowd gasping throughout and cheering when it was done though Len felt the dance was too hectic. Bruno felt like he was going to explode, as this was the dance he was waiting for.

The following year, he won season 22 of the ABC televised dance competition Dancing with the Stars , with professional dance partner Peta Murgatroyd. DiMarco was born Nyle Thompson, explaining in that at some unspecified point, "We changed our last name from Thompson to DiMarco our mother's maiden name. Nyle also gets by with lip reading and nonverbal communication. DiMarco was doing freelance modeling for about a year before he was contacted by America's Next Top Model producers in On March 8, , DiMarco was announced as one of the celebrities who would compete on season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.

Nyle DiMarco Goes Blindfolded for Amazing Tango During 'Dancing With the Stars' Semi-Finals

Nyle & Peta's Tango - Dancing with the Stars

Disturbed let Nyle DiMarco use their song on 'DWTS' after reading his powerful letter

The former? The latter? And why am I still sobbing about freestyle performances from the night before? Sure, go ahead and rerun the clips during Finale Part Deux. The sloppy tears begin with the first bars of music. That is not a pretty cry. Are you happy now?

Nyle & Peta's Cha Cha - Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Nyle DiMarco takes the Mirrorball in the Season 22 finale




Nyle DiMarco became the Dancing with the Stars winner for in the epic 2- hour Dancing with the Stars Finale where he beat out Ginger.
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  2. Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd Freestyle dance to "The Sound Of Silence" by Disturbed on the Dancing with the Stars' Season 22 Finals!.

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