The girl with the dragon tattoo chapter 1 summary

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Summary

the girl with the dragon tattoo chapter 1 summary

Meet Mikael Blomkvist, nickname Kalle Blomkvist. By the way, Kalle Blomkvist is the name of the junior detective in kids' books by Astrid Lindgren (of Pippi Longstocking fame). He's just been found guilty of publishing libelous material about a financier named Hans-Erik.

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Frode reminds Blomkvist that Frode, not Martin, would […]. He sits on his front porch and receives two visitors, the first of which is Frode. Summary Salander, sleepy from a long night at a bar and a sexual encounter with her on-again-off-again female lover, is shocked when someone rings her doorbell. After Salander recovers from her initial panic, […]. Vanger explains […].

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist, fresh from being convicted for libelling a wealthy Swedish financier, is hired by an elderly industrialist to find out who murdered his niece more than 40 years earlier. He joins forces with Lisbeth Salander, a young woman with multiple tattoos and piercings but also a talent for hacking into people's computers, and the two find themselves tracking a serial killer who has murdered women for several decades. Mikael Blomkvist is forced to formally resign his position at Millennium, the financial magazine he co-founded with longtime lover Erika Berger, after being convicted of libelling financier Hans-Erik Wennerstrom. While awaiting the beginning of his two-month prison sentence, Blomkvist receives an unusual job offer. Henrik Vanger, an aging wealthy industrialist, wants him to live on his family's island compound for a year, ostensibly researching and writing a chronicle of the dysfunctional Vanger family, but actually investigating the disappearance and apparent murder of his great-niece, Harriet, more than 40 years earlier.

On his birthday, an eighty-year-old man receives an unidentifiable dried flower in the mail from an anonymous source. Disturbed despite the fact that he receives a similar gift each year, he contacts Detective Superintendent Morell to discuss the occurrence. After the phone call, he begins to weep. The heavy libel fine will cause him financial trouble and, additionally, he must endure three months in prison. Confused, he wonders where he went wrong and debates whether the information from his source, an old school friend Robert Lindberg, might be inaccurate after all. Though Milton Security provides high-end security for various clients, the company also operates a small private-investigation division. Salander looks unusual, with clothes, piercings, and tattoos that seem out of place at the conservative security firm.


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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Summary & Study Guide



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  1. Summary Chapter 1 begins in Stockholm, Sweden as "Kalle" Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist and part owner and publisher of an The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  2. Chapter 1 begins in Stockholm, Sweden as "Kalle" Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist and part owner and publisher of an investigative magazine named Millennium , steps out onto the courthouse steps after being convicted of libel.

  3. The trial was irretrievably over; everything that could be said had been said, but he had never doubted that he would lose.

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