How to start a fire with a bow and drill

How To Make And Use A Bow Drill Fire Starter

how to start a fire with a bow and drill

Learning to Make Fire -- Learn Quick

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Fire is one of man's greatest multitools. Think about it. Without it, we would have next to nothing. Tools, food, water, clothes, and warmth among other things have come from it. Well, now you can make it yourself, the way native americans once made it. I know it as the bow drill, but I've also heard it called fire bow, fire drill, fire by friction, and rubbing two sticks together. It basically works by spinning a piece of wood in a socket of another piece of wood.

For me, learning to make fire by friction with the bow drill was the skill that first grabbed my interest all those years ago. I was fascinated by the idea of making fire by 'rubbing sticks'. After a lot of hard work I made my first ember and blew it into flames. This literally ignited my interest in Bushcraft! Hopefully with the information on this page you will learn faster than I did to get my first flame.

Imagine you're lost in the woods on a camping trip. You have no matches or lighters and it is becoming dark. Using a bow drill, a fire can be made with relatively easy-to-find materials. To create this article, 28 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 90, times.

Making Fire with a Bow and Drill

Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill


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