Airplane lands with one wing

Watch an Israeli air-force pilot land an F-15 with only one wing

airplane lands with one wing

The Big Hoax: Aircraft Loses Wing, Lands Safely (is not the best pilot ever)

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. The pilot of the plane shown in the clip was identified as James Andersson , whose web site touted him as a former Royal Air Force pilot who now engaged in air races and stunt aviation. However, rather than this being a video record of a real incident in which superior piloting skill avoided an almost certain fatal disaster, multiple signs indicated the clip was a digitally produced viral video promotion for the German clothing company killathrill. For starters, when this video suddenly appeared on the Internet, there were no news stories or other sources documenting or discussing the remarkable event it supposedly captured. We think not. The clip was produced by JOTZ!

Thursday 29 August UK News feed. The film, which has been watched by more than three million people, shows Red Bull Air Race pilot James Andersson performing tricks at an airfield before losing his right wing as he climbs thousands of feet. Mr Andersson desperately tries to control the plane as it loses hundreds of feet, before coming to a miraculously safe, if bumpy, landing. But speculation is rife on the internet about the authenticity of the film, which prominently displays Andersson's sponsors, German clothing label KillaThrill. Of the thousands of comments in the two weeks since the film was posted most are convinced that the film cuts from a real plane to a model aircraft as the plane briefly goes out of focus. Critics have even posted their own films pointing out subtle differences in paint colour and design between the "real" plane and the what they presume to be a model. In a separate film posted just yesterday, Andersson is interviewed on camera.

Outline: Video supposedly shows an air race pilot successfully landing his plane after one wing snapped off during a mid air manoeuvre. Statuss: Almost certainly false — Probably part of a viral ad campaign for German clothing company killathrill. Some viewers apparently believe that the video is genuine footage of a real incident. However, many commentators suggest that all is not what it seems to be. The landing sequence, especially, looks decidedly suspect and most probably depicts a remote control plane rather than a full sized aircraft. The video is almost certainly the result of clever editing and manipulation with full sized and remote controlled aircraft.

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The F is an amazing aircraft that was designed to go head-to-head with the Soviet's MiG and was the top dog for years, most notably during Desert Storm where American and Saudi Eagles took it to the Iraqis in a big way. The F has endured because its design was years ahead of its time, and a great data point behind that fact is the time Israeli pilot Zivi Nedivi landed his jet with only one wing. Nedivi had one of his wings sheared off in a midair collision with an A-4 Skyhawk during a training event. Nedivi's Eagle went into a rapid roll by the crash and he told his navigator to prepare the eject. Nedivi turned on his afterburners in an attempt to stabilize the jet. The move worked.


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Nov 6, Video clip shows an airplane making a safe landing after losing a wing. content other than this “one-wing landing” clip and another interview.
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