What is season 4 of fortnite

Updated: When Does Season 4 End And Season 5 Begin In 'Fortnite: Battle Royale?'

what is season 4 of fortnite


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Season 4 is starting off with a BANG. Shards of a massive comet have crashed into the map altering the landscape. Discover gravity-defying Hop Rocks and find new ways to play. Jump in and witness the aftermath of the impact while you level up your Battle Pass and earn all new loot. The Season 4 Battle Pass is here sporting tiers of awesome new rewards, including new cosmetic items, emotes and Sprays.

Update: Epic Games has pushed back the start of Season 5 to July Here's what time you can expect to be able to log in. The Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 Battle Pass only debuted a few days ago, but it's time to make a plan if you're gearing up for the long haul from Tier 0 to Tier and the elusive Omega skin. It's a tough challenge, but eminently doable if you put the time in and are able to complete some of the challenges: Epic estimates that the entire process would take hours of playtime. But that's what the mobile version is for, right?

To get started, please visit fortnite.com/android on an Android device, or scan the QR code below.

The current season is Season 9. These are the rewards you get for leveling up the Battle Pass in Season 4.

The start and end dates for all Fortnite: Battle Royale seasons

A bundle that included automatic completion of the first 25 Tiers was also offered for Those who purchased Battle Passes for both Season 3 and Season 4 received 5 free tiers at the start of Season 4. Battle Pass rewards are worth over 25, V-Bucks and can be typically attain within 75 to hours of play. There are total of 13 rewards that can be obtain until Tier 54 through Free pass. Sprays , a new cosmetic-emote items have been also introduced as part of the Season 4 Battle Pass rewards.

Season 4 was themed around super heroes and movies. In addition to experience, experience boosts, and V-Bucks, this also included what players received from the free pass. This was also the first season players had access to sprays. The list of cosmetic items can be found below. The storyline continued in this season, with pieces of the meteor falling down to the island changing the landscape. The largest piece of the meteor struck and destroyed Dusty Depot , leaving a giant crater in the ground.

*NEW* ALL SEASON 4 SKINS In Fortnite Battle Royale! (TIER 100 Battle Pass)

Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 4 Battle Pass Rewards

Season 4 of Battle Royale ran from May 1 to July 11, Thematically, the Season focuses on super heroes, super hero movies, and gritty urban environments. Season 4 features the conclusion of the Meteor conspiracy that played such an important role during Season 3 with the complete destruction of Dusty Depot. New places such as Risky Reels and other points of interest like Villain Lair , Mansion , Open Soccer Stadium were also added along with the fortnightly changes and update to the map. Starting April 28th, Epic Games release a daily series of teasers that hints about the upcoming theme of the season. Posters that were released shows different characters on a meteorite fall vector alongside quotes. On the 5th day, Epic Games finally revealed a promotional poster with the silhouettes of heroic characters.






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  1. Battle Pass Season 4 also known as Brace For Impact, is an update for Battle Royale in Fortnite that was released on May 1, and ended on July 11, Season 4 was themed around super heroes and movies. The battlepass costs V-Bucks or ($).

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