What if everyone jumped at once

Everybody Jump

what if everyone jumped at once

If we all jumped at once, we could move the Earth a tiny bit. So let's imagine that everyone could congregate together in one place. Doing so.

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It's hard to imagine getting everyone on Earth to jump at the same time though with Facebook, Meetup and all manner of other social-media methods of reaching people, it's easier to believe in the possibility than it used to be. Still, 7. Talk about herding cats. But for the sake of argument, let's just say that we could actually get everyone to participate. If everyone stood right where they are at the appointed time and jumped, nothing much would happen. The mass of people, while pretty large, is nowhere near as large as the mass of the Earth, especially if we're all spread out like that [source: Keyser ].

If you brought all 7. But our movements could have a big implication on the world around us. So, Business Insider's video team investigated what would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at the exact same time. To start, the experiment would work best if everyone were all in the same location. Then, everyone could be instructed to jump one foot into the air at the exact same time.

As mass moves towards the center of a rotating object, the rate of rotation increases. Imagine, for example, an ice skater pulling her limbs in to increase the speed of spinning. So, technically, you can make the Earth rotate more rapidly all on your own simply by crouching down on the groundbut at a totally negligible amount. Powerful earthquakes can redistribute mass in a slighter more impactfulbut still ultimately negligibleway. The earthquake in Japan in moved so much mass toward Earth's center that every day since has been 0. However, if we tried to recreate the force of that earthquake simply by jumping, we'd would need seven million times more people than currently live on Earth. But what about all of us in one place pushing down on the earth as we jump away from it?

What if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?

What if everyone jumped at once?

What would happen if everyone on earth stood as close to each other as they could and jumped, everyone landing on the ground at the same instant? This is one of the most popular questions submitted to this blog. They cover the kinematics pretty well. This crowd takes up an area the size of Rhode Island. This is our scenario; we can be specific.


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