5.7 vortec wont start after sitting

Truck won't start after sitting for longer than a day

5.7 vortec wont start after sitting

First off I don't advise putting gas or any other type of starter fluid down the throttle body of a vortec engine. The intake is plastic and if it.

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Hey everyone, I have a Chevy C with a 5. Also I haven't fully checked the Spark, but the Truck run's fine when you spray Starting fluid into the Throttle body. Any suggestions on why the truck isn't accepting the fuel, it cranks fine, just wont run without starting fluid. Andrew answered 5 years ago. Get a pressure tester and check it. I have a feeling it is the fuel pressure regulator.

Repair manuals and support for cars and trucks manufactured by Chevrolet. Kristen Stonecipher. If the truck is started everyday it starts right up with no problems. If left sitting for at least 24 hours it is hard to start it. It cranks up and tries to start but never actually starts. To be able to get it to start the truck has to be primed with the key and then put the gas pedal to the floor while cranking.

They have a stepvan info above that is kicking my butt and would really appreciate your insight. The original complaint two weeks ago was that it was turned off at a route location then would crank over good but wouldn't re-start after 30 minutes or so. It was towed to a local garage and they replaced the fuel pump; it was picked up the next day and driven back but then wouldn't re-start at Unifirst so I was asked to come check it. I first scanned for diagnostic codes even though the check engine light wasn't displayed and there weren't any; I then checked for ignition spark at the plugs and had good fire. I installed a fuel pressure gauge and checked the pressure key-on at 32 psi at the engine when the service manual says it should be psi; when I turned the key off the pressure dropped approximately 6 psi in 10 minutes.

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My truck starts fine when sitting for up to 8 hours. Longer than that and you're in trouble. It's the weirdest thing how it starts just fine anytime after it initially runs, but if you leave it overnight you're back to the "not enough fuel" problem. I poured fuel down the throttle box and that did the trick. I've replace the plugs and wires and had a tune-up done.


'96 Chev 1/2 ton 4X (Vortec) won't start after sitting for 8-10 hours

Log in or Sign up. Im new here and need help. Hope i do this correctly. For months it would hard start. The longer it sat, the easier it was to start.




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  1. After sitting 24 hours does the exhaust smell rich while being started? If so, is this a vortec engine? I had an injector leak that was flooding The longer the truck sits the harder it is to start. Try this, turn the key on for 2 seconds.

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