Battle of the black gate


battle of the black gate

BATTLE OF THE BLACK GATE: NEW CUSTOM MAP - Total War: Rise Of Mordor Mod Gameplay


Sauron was defeated but he still had thousands of Orcs at his disposal in Mordor. He was aware that the One Ring was somewhat close to the vicinity of his territory, but he did not know that the Hobbit Frodo Baggins and his companion Samwise Gamgee had entered Mordor via Morgul Vale with the intention of destroying the Ring. It was hoped that Sauron would think Aragorn had the Ring and was now trying to use it to overthrow him in Mordor. The Host of the West surrounded by Orcs of Mordor. Initially, the Host of the West consisted of 10, men, but 3, Rohirrim were sent to guard the crossroads, leaving Aragorn with 7, men.

It was hoped that Sauron would think Aragorn had the Ring and was now trying to use it to overthrow Mordor. Initially, the Army of the West had been composed of 7, men, but many were stationed at various places along the way. A strong guard of archers were stationed at the Cross-roads , in case enemy troops came from the Morgul Pass or from the South.
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Battle of the Black Gate

The Battle of the Black Gate, also known as the Battle of the Morannon, was the final major battle of the War of the Ring. It resulted in the ultimate defeat of.
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