Should i confront the other woman

Should I Confront the Other Woman? (Husband Had an Affair)

should i confront the other woman

Some times partners ask me about confronting the other woman While what she says could be true, you can't trust her -- so putting any value.

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Remember Me. Celeb couples are so often photographed looking flawless and happy, so it can be a big surprise when they break up. This was certainly the case with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who had been married for 10 years and had three young children when they announced their split in While no one knows for certain what went on in their relationship, initial reports suggested that Ben was cheating on his wife with their nanny. Now, sources have told People that Ben was involved in an extramarital affair with TV producer Lindsay Shookus whom he is now dating starting in

Should you confront the other woman? It took blood, sweat and tears to get my husband to tell me about the other woman. This was days after.
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In general, society looks at the other man or other woman as being the responsible party in an affair. Problem is, there would have been, it just would have been a different "other" person. How you handle the fact that there is another man or woman has a great deal to do with whether or not you end up in divorce court or, are able to save your marriage. I have a few suggestions that will help save your sanity and possibly your marriage. They are nothing special. Your spouse was looking for an affair, not looking for that person in particular.

This was days after he admitted having an affair with her. A 6-month affair to be exact. But he did everything he could to avoid spilling out her name. When he finally did, I spent the next three nights fully awake, agonizing about one question:. On the one hand, I really wanted to tell her off. I spent hours trying to come up with the perfect remark to deliver along with my poisoned umbrella tip. On the other hand, I wanted to meet her.

6 Strategies For Confronting The Other Woman

8 Reasons NOT To Contact His Mistress

I was emailed recently by a reader who wanted to know if she should confront The Other Woman after discovering that her husband had been cheating. I want to speak to this woman. Does she have no respect for marriage? I want her to explain herself! If you have discovered that your partner or husband is cheating on you, it is devastating, even if you had your suspicions. As you reel from the discovery and no doubt the ensuing revelations, it can be difficult to know whether you should be mad at him, The Other Woman, or both.

When you're cheated on, the devastation of betrayal can make you react in uncharacteristic ways. Obsessive behaviors take over and you may behave in a way you never believed possible. This isn't only true for women; this applies to men who have been cheated on as well. If you do happen to find out who the mistress or other person is, the open wound may cause you to act out via confrontation. What's the driving force when we feel a compulsion to speak to the other person? Typically it's to feel better -- to take away a bit of our pain. Somehow, we think that that course of action provides more benefits than the alternative.

When a husband has an affair, sometimes the wife may resort to confronting the other woman. In one sense, the husband has a legal obligation to uphold. In that position, he should be confronted about straying from his marital vows if he chases other women. But another way to look at the scenario is that the other woman is just as guilty as the husband, and thus needs to be confronted, too. Confronting the other woman is a delicate process that should be handled delicately to ensure the best results. Some wives vent their rage on the other woman by calling her up, telling her off, and demanding their husbands end the affair pronto. Some husbands do, while others do not, sometimes leading to a second confrontation with the other woman.

4 Tips For Dealing With The Other Man or Other Woman





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