The sopranos season 3 episode 5

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the sopranos season 3 episode 5

Season 3 | Episode 5 Charles S. Dutton and James Gandolfini in The Sopranos () James Gandolfini and Edie Episode cast overview, first billed only.

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We've talked before about how The Sopranos occupies a moral universe, a place where Heaven and Hell are more than theoretical and where those who do evil will eventually get what's coming to them, even if that doesn't happen until after they die. These twin themes of death and morality animate much of the show's run, but "Another Toothpick" places them on parallel streams. Roughly half the episode is about the elderly passing on and their children trying to make sense of it. Roughly the other half is about various people sucked into Tony's orbit trying to do the right thing, a favorite recurring plot point the show would return to again and again. Sure, there's other stuff going on here. Since season three has so many hours that are closed off from everything else, like "Employee of the Month," this episode does a lot of the heavy plot-lifting, and, as such, it's a little cluttered. But the primary ideas at play here are those of morality and mortality, yet again.

Sign in. See the list. Title: Another Toothpick 25 Mar As Tony requested, Carmela goes with him to one of his sessions with Dr. It starts off okay, but suddenly Carmela feels she's the one on the hot seat and it quickly degenerates into name calling and anger. On the way home Tony gets speeding ticket from a no-nonsense policeman who isn't at all impressed that he stopped Tony Soprano.

The Sopranos Season 3 Episode 5

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