Greys anatomy season 14 episode 21

Bad Reputation

greys anatomy season 14 episode 21

Grey's Anatomy 14x21 Jackson Kisses Maggie Season 14 Episode 21 HD Bad reputation

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Sign in. Watch now. Title: Bad Reputation 26 Apr Crisis management is brought in to help Grey Sloan sort out allegations against Harper Avery; Alex and Jo are thrown for a loop when Nurse Olivia shows up with her son; Arizona spends more time with Sofia. I really loved this episode. I was just as surprised as Owen when we saw Leo's mom. The storyline between Nurse Olivia, Alex, and Jo was my favourite.

Read on and find out. Pretty much — and Erin wanted him to operate with Meredith. No way, said Catherine, Richard and Jackson practically in unison. Fine, sighed Catherine. If they needed a scapegoat, it could be her. Next, Mer floated the idea to Jackson that he might actually have planned to rig his contest. And though she initially balked at being part of his PR stunt, she had a change of heart when she got a look at the patient, Diego, a Venezuelan kid with a tumor taking over his face.

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Ever wonder what it was like in the inner circle of Louis CK or Matt Lauer or Charlie Rose or Mario Batali or any of the dozens of other men who've had to figure out what to do when the news broke that they were at the center of a sexual misconduct scandal? Not Weinstein because the sheer scope of what he did eclipses everyone else in the world and puts him in a superpredator category all his own. Well, tonight's Grey's Anatomy is here to show you, except the badly behaved man in question is dead. All just in time for literally every man listed above to start plotting their return to public life way too soon. Catherine Debbie Allen hires a crisis management expert who is like Olivia Pope but a moron who immediately suggests they attack the women accusing her father of misconduct because "someone is going to take the fall.

The hospital brings in crisis management to help them sort out allegations against Harper Avery. Meanwhile, Nurse Olivia shows up at Grey Sloan with her son, throwing Alex and Jo for loop, and Arizona decides to spend more time with Sofia who is having a hard time at school. Meredith calls for Zola, who asks if it's hard to learn to play guitar. She says no, that's for when you're proud of something. Meredith stops Andrew from playing and reminds him there's a hospital with a lot of sick people inside it.

Although Grey Sloan Memorial is perpetually in crisis mode, this time it feels different. Since there is no way in hell the Averys are going to blame the victims, many of whom left medicine because of what happened to them, they need to come up with another plan. She signed the NDAs, after all. Yes, they are using children with life-threatening tumors in their faces to make the Averys look a little better. Neither Jackson nor his surgical partner, Meredith Grey, are happy about this slimeball move.

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Jackson and Meredith work to save face in more ways than one in the wake of the Harper Avery allegations. As the door closes it reveals Maggie getting dressed, mouth agape. Immediately she runs to April and accuses her of knowing that Jackson put up the money for the contest and being in on it by agreeing to judge. Catherine is surprised to hear that Jackson both put up the money and competed. Erin wastes no time in stating the obvious, which is to say that if this gets out, it will destroy them. She also plans to go after the women, as well as have someone go down for this.

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  1. Apr 27, The Harper Avery Foundation is dead, long live the Catherine Fox Foundation. A recap of 'Grey's Anatomy' season 14 episode 21 “Bad.

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