Candle flame split in two

How to Interpret your 7-Day Candle

candle flame split in two

But as any experienced witch will attest, spell candles sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. A dancing, fluttering flame seems to be.

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Dancing can mean high energy. It was a spell for clearity and wisdom I been going through a rough time had a few things sprung on and was asking what action I should take next. Honestly I think if the blood had been an issue or she was unhappy then the signs would have been…small weak flames or the flame going out! One or two flames of many can still indicate a spirit in the room. This candle was 1 of 3. The others were perfectly normal while this one got very big. Good job!

But did you know that you can take things even further and interpret what the future holds for you by studying the way a candle burns? Here are some simple, inexpensive and revealing ways to get the most out of your candle magic…. Green — To boost money or possessions and bring new work. White — For peace, to resolve arguments, to recover and heal. If you want an answer to a question, you can use ceromancy in this simple way. Allow it to burn then drip any wax over a pan of cold water.

The candle signs dictionary (What does it mean when my candle does that?)

Candle flame meanings are all about the way the flame burns. The flame becomes the transformative element to aid in manifesting your intent. The types of flame have traditional meanings that indicate how successful you are.

What It Means When Your Candle Burns A Certain Way

In the spiritual world omens are everywhere and there are no such thing as coincidences. You can use signs around you to guide your life and your workings if you only know how to interpret them. Just like reading tea leaves, the burnt candles can provide valuable insight. The soot on a candle is one of the most recognizable results of burning a candle. While in the mundane world one might say this was merely soot, in the spiritual we know there is a message to be interpreted in that soot. It could also indicate someone has casted against you or has significant spiritual protection. If this is the case burn another candle to try to break through their defenses.

The mountain witch is always conscious of behavior, natural and unnatural, while also utilizing common sense at the forefront of any situation. If the candle is burning slow or the candle flickers profusely, we first wonder what the humidity or weather is and if a window is open. I suggest you practice putting the same sense first. Things to take into account when reading the flame : is there a draft? Take into account how loaded the candle is and the quality of the candle especially the wax. Many people have posted on social media showing their candles with the entire top on fire. They think this is good.

Use Candles To Illuminate Your Future With Flame Magic

Starring at a flame and viewing wax drippings is a great method of determining if your magic is working effectively. Additionally the way a candle unfolds or deconstructs as it melts can be very significant. I will provide information on how to read glass encased candles, free standing candles, how to read the flame, how to read the smoke, and how to dispose of candle wax. It is important to note that candles poorly made will burn badly no matter how you dress them, pray over them, etcetera…. Also the environment such as the temperature in the area, the presence of wind or a draft, and other factors can play a large part in how a candle will burn. Novena or glass encased candles are commonly used in the Hoodoo and Santerian tradition.

There is a lot of negativity. Seeing any result could take a while, because the candle must burn through obstacles. It is recommended to burn another candle for faster results, and cleanse environment.
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Candles hold many different meanings and functions. They are ceremonial, ritualistic, symbolic and utilitarian all at the same time. They can shine bright or glow dull. They can flicker or synchronize movement with other candles, and they can blow out suddenly for no apparent reason. The way that a candle burns can hold hidden significance about other worlds, the energetics of a room, the direction a ritual is going, the presence of otherworldly ancestors or any number of spiritual occurrences. For thousands of years, candles have been employed for spiritual insight.

Candle magick is an incredibly popular and effective form of spellwork. But as any experienced witch will attest, spell candles sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. A dancing, fluttering flame seems to be communicating something…but what is it trying to say? A bunch of traditions have sprung up around observing burning candles during a spell or ritual. Knowing these signs—and combining them with your own intuition—can give you important clues about the success or failure of your endeavor. Interpreting candle signs is a broad folkloric practice that encompasses at least three types of divination: Pyromancy divination by fire , ceromancy divination by wax and capromancy divination by smoke. Your tradition may have others.


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