Was john mccain put to death

John McCain, in final message before death, says 'do not despair of our present difficulties'

was john mccain put to death

Trump's tone shift on McCain death reportedly came after aides' urging

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Trump spent last week posthumously attacking the Arizona senator on Twitter, in interviews and in public remarks at an Army tank plant in Lima, Ohio. Despite pleas from senior Republicans to stop, Trump has continued his verbal assault on McCain, the Republican presidential nominee and six-term senator who was tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. McCain died seven months ago from brain cancer. The origins of the Trump-McCain feud stretch back to the beginning of the presidential election. Trump demanded McCain apologize and then intensified his attack. The accusation, which Trump has repeatedly leveled at the senator, is false: McCain graduated fifth from the bottom.

President Donald Trump on Friday said that tariffs are still set to go into effect Sunday despite facing backlash from a number of companies. Hedge fund titan Ray Dalio is worried that the current landscape is starting to resemble Depression-era conditions that could hammer investors. Stock market investors may be glad to see August go, but September might not be any better, unless there are some positive developments in the trade war. As Hurricane Dorian closes in, Florida has set up police escorts to deliver more gas to stations, waived service and truck rates for fuel trucks and ordered a million gallons Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account on the social network was compromised on Friday and began sending out erratic tweets.

He said he gave Mr. And he was blunt in saying that his animosity toward Mr. McCain was not going to change. Trump said, about 10 minutes into a freewheeling speech that was ostensibly about the resurgence of manufacturing jobs. The long, antagonistic history between the president and Mr. McCain, in his youth a Navy pilot and prisoner of war celebrated for his bravery and later known as a maverick in the Republican Party, dates to the early days of the presidential campaign.

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