Safe auto insurance claims phone number

SafeAuto car insurance review

safe auto insurance claims phone number

SafeAuto offers cheap car insurance for people on a budget. Contact Us Phone Please ensure your policy or claim number is included on all submitted.

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However my husband decided he did not want to so I called and canceled 15 minutes later. Very glad I did not go with this company! I contacted and purchased Auto Insurance from Safe Auto however I was able to get a better deal from their competitors. I called in to cancel 2 days later. I'm still waiting on my refund, however, I'm now being told it was sent to the DMV due to Safe Auto didn't have my address.

We provided everything they requested including handing them over the ID of the thief we found in the vehicle. They have been stalling us and each week requesting additional information that could have been provided in the beginning. Each additional item they request comes with a 7 day turnaround time, so as of today they said they need another 7 days. The adjuster has been indignant to the inconvenience we have experienced. We are seeking an attorney to help resolve this further and for compensation as we have still been paying our car payment and insurance premium. We would have had better compensation had we been involved in a wreck versus being the victim of a crime. Oh yeah, my wifes job requires me to have a federal background check and license and they are investigating us as if I am the car thief.

Included free. As the car insurance publisher for finder. Roslyn has put her Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Communications to good use by covering topics ranging from finance to insurance. As a former blog manager for PetSafe, she has a love for everything furry and nerdy. However, it can also help people outside of its service area get coverage through its network of trusted insurance providers.

Secured with SHA Encryption. A review of Safe Auto finds an auto insurance company that offers affordable coverage. Instead of purchasing your policy through an insurance agent who represents the carrier, this company sells directly to the policyholder, which not only saves the subscriber money, but it also saves the company money as well. This company processes its applicants differently from the standard type of insurance carriers. Standard carriers are well known by their big names and frequent advertisements.

Filing Claims Against Safe Auto Insurance Company


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