Mrs obama get down meme

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mrs obama get down meme

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The former First Lady attempted to strike an optimistic note as she took to the London stage on Monday to promote her autobiography. It is part of a joint book deal with her husband Barack and in less than two weeks has already sold over three million copies to become the top seller of You do the work for your grandchildren. Michelle has often spoken about how as the first black First Lady, she was scrutinised more so than her predecessors. She remembered how on her first visit to the UK in , she had put her hand on the Queen as the pair both complained about their painful shoes.

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N-word is a word you shudn't say to the black guys.
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mr obama get down





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  1. Skipper: MRS OBAMA GET DOWN. #cellmate got the stiffy uh. by Honkler November 30, Get the mug. Get a MRS OBAMA GET DOWN mug for your cat.

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