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silicon valley social venture fund

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We are a community of more than people who believe in the power of working together to create meaningful change. We pool our financial resources to invest in social ventures and deploy our skills and networks to help them achieve greater impact. We fund a diverse portfolio of high-potential Bay Area-based nonprofits and social enterprises. SV2 builds more effective givers and stronger social impact organizations. This powerful combination of activities enables us to learn more and create more impact than we could on our own. We pool our capital to make grants and impact investments. We offer skill-building workshops and cutting-edge social sector learning programs.

Our donors "Partners" are the leaders of SV2's work and pool their skills, energy, ideas, and money to make a bigger, more meaningful difference than any one person could make alone. Embracing the venture philanthropy model of leveraging financial, human and intellectual capital, the Partners select Grantees that have proven models and are at crucial inflection points in their organizational development, and Partners offer professional advising to help each Grantee build capacity and scale up, not just pay for current programs. Founded in , SV2's mission includes not only building the capacity of our Grantees, but also the philanthropic capacity of our Partners and through them our community to catalyze positive social impact. We pursue the latter half of our mission through Partner-led experiential grantmaking, Partner-driven speaker series, and Partner-focused training programs. Our donors "Partners" are the leaders of SV2's work and…. Find something to do. Idealist Days.

SV2 followed a venture philanthropy partnership model in which investors pooled their money to give large, multi-year grants to nonprofits and also served in consulting and advisory roles to help grantees meet their capacity-building goals. Arrillaga formed SV2 as a donor-advised fund to ensure that CFSV staff would help guide SV2 partners leverage their expertise and funding to select high-performing community organizations, thus generating the greatest social impact. By , Arrillaga and CFSV had built a volunteer-driven organization composed of partners ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties. Moreover, SV2 had implemented two professionally facilitated strategic planning processes in its short history. Venture philanthropy, social venture fund, capacity-building grants, philanthropic innovation, high-engagement grantor-grantee relationship, increasing philanthropic bang for the buck, philanthropic transparency, accountability and evaluation. Skip to main content. The Experience Overview of Experience.

We are a philanthropic community of givers and changemakers. SV2 unleashes the resources and talents of the Bay Area to achieve meaningful social impact.
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Our mission is to unleash the resources and talents of Silicon Valley in support of promising social ventures to achieve measurable impact. We pool money, skills, and ideas with others who share our passion to make a greater social impact than any of us could on our own. Our Grantees and Impact Investees become stronger organizations with greater capacity to achieve their social impact goals. And our Partners grow as effective givers. What do they have in common?

She is one of the more than 1. Every day she woke up and made porridge for her five children along with three orphans she cared for, collected firewood for the stove, and then waited for the day to end. But finding the funds to send the children to school, or to treat them when they fell ill, was impossible. The feeling of hopelessness began to dissipate when Lily and two partners received the opportunity to start a business with the help of Village Enterprise. Lily, Jane, and Asuku opened a restaurant, using their initial grant to rent space and cookware and to buy the ingredients needed to make the food. In just a few weeks, their business began to grow. They are also saving money to build a larger restaurant.

We believe in the power of collaboration at SVC, acknowledging that there is strength in working together. Based in Northern California, One World provides training and investments to social impact enterprises in the Bay Area that improve the lives of individuals globally. The recent summit engaged more than early-stage entrepreneurs, investors, and impact leaders for a half-day of programming focused on different elements of the impact ecosystem. The day also included two pitch sessions where ten entrepreneurs presented to the full audience, vying for three top prizes: Most Innovative Solution , Most Qualified Team , and Best Overall Impact Investment. I enjoyed serving as a judge and was in awe of the quality of the entrepreneurs.

SV2-Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund

Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, commonly known as SV2, is a giving network of more than Bay Area-based individuals who partner with SV2 to learn about effective giving and pool their money, talent, and ties to support promising locally-based nonprofit organizations. Through a partner-powered model, SV2 engages in three main activities. First, SV2 partners pool their capital to give financial support to high potential social ventures, working together to identify and support the most promising grantees.

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