Jaclyn hill boyfriend jordan farnum

Jaclyn Hill FINALLY shares photo with her new boyfriend

jaclyn hill boyfriend jordan farnum

Jaclyn Hill CONFIRMS New Boyfriend With Cute Picture

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It's a crushing blow whenever our favorite YouTube couples decide to part ways. However, the turn of events are usually the same. The YouTubers release a video saying that they still have a lot of love for each other, promise to remain friends, and then boom, everything implodes. Secrets are revealed, infidelity accusations run rampant, and ultimately we're left again with the realization that we really can't judge a book by its cover. When Jaclyn and her then husband Jon announced they would be getting a divorce, we were almost more heartbroken than them.

YouTube influencer and make-up mogul Jaclyn Hill has been sporting some major bling on a major finger lately and her fans are getting majorly excited about it. The make-up artist had a seriously big diamond on her left hand in a recent video, which led fans to wonder if her boyfriend Jordan Farnum popped the question. Hill took to Twitter to address the rumors of impending nuptials and the answer may surprise you. Hill is best known for her YouTube make-up tutorials. She became a viral sensation back in when she sat down in front of the camera to recreate a Kim Kardashian look.

Farnum shared his own post with Jaclyn at the same time, but instead of a short and sweet caption, he wrote a VERY lengthy letter. However, I have met someone so incredibly out of this world, who has managed to crack through my icy shattered exterior and bring me back to life. I love you mush. We don't think her ex Jon will like this news at all! In September, he shaded the hell out of her new relationship on social media by mocking her photo with him. It's finally official!

So here's what we know about Jaclyn Hill's boyfriend: 1. He seems Mine has definitely been rocked for the better,” wrote Farnum. “I've been a.
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Last Updated on February 17, Most of the fans are already accounted with Jaclyn Hill boyfriend, Jordan Farnum whose tweets regarding the love saga embraces the YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. Beauty hipster, Jaclyn Hill grew apart from husband Jon Hill after 9 years of relationship. Fans thought she would be cautious and might take a long course of time before diving into a new relationship. Nonetheless, the broken heart, Jaclyn shared that she still believed in love. Perhaps, the credit goes to Jordan Farnum.

Trending Hot Popular. Trending Hot. He wrote on Instagram about his love for her and explained the relationship was to blame for his hiatus. However, I have met someone so incredibly out of this world, who has managed to crack through my icy shattered exterior and bring me back to life. Thank you for being the incredible woman you are, I promise to be the best version of myself that I can be, for you. I love you mush. Jaclyn posted this mysterious hand on her Snapchat and her ex-hubbie Jon clapped back with a photo of his own, mocking the influencer.

Jaclyn Hill confirms her new boyfriend with a cute pic!


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