Picture of john mccains mother

John McCain's 106-Year-Old Mother Roberta Will Attend His Funeral

picture of john mccains mother

On Saturday, the senator's mother was at Washington National John McCain's remarkable mother: At , Roberta McCain has outlived her son . A young photographer took this harrowing image of the Vietnam War.

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John McCain's mother, now , was told at age 93 that she was too old to rent a car while traveling in France so she went out and bought a Peugeot instead, according to The Associated Press. Roberta McCain later had the car shipped back to the US, and upon her return she drove it across the country to San Francisco to gift it to her great-nephew, The New York Times reported. Such a move was very much in character for the senator's mother, according to The Times. She has always loved to travel, and many of her adventures were in the company of her twin sister, who died in According to the AP, John McCain, who died last week at age 81 , once got a call from his mother telling him she was on a cross-country driving trip alone, while in her 90s.

On Friday, the McCain family announced that the year-old politician who was diagnosed with glioblastoma , an aggressive brain cancer with a median survival rate of just 15 months, in July made the decision to stop treatment. But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict. With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment. Happy th birthday to my wonderful mother Roberta - we love you mom! Happy th Birthday to my lovely mother in-law Roberta McCain. You are a true inspiration.

Roberta McCain, the mother of U. John McCain died on August 25, of brain cancer at the age of
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His mother, Roberta, had a habit of speeding behind the wheel and racking up tickets. When told during a trip to Europe that she was too old to rent a car, she went out and bought a Peugeot. Her son once answered the telephone to hear his mother say she was on a cross-country driving trip by herself, in her 90s. Now , the wife of a Navy admiral and mother of a Navy captain lived a life full of travel and adventure, punctuated by her sass and determination. She was encouraged to accept, graciously and with good humor, the responsibilities and sacrifices her choices have required of her.

This morning, John McCain's family and his colleagues in Congress gathered at the National Cathedral for the funeral of the late Senator. His wife and children accompanied him into the Cathedral, as did his year-old mother, Roberta McCain. According to the New York Times , Roberta "once said her son liked to hold her up as an example of 'what he hopes his lifespan will be. But unfortunately, today she mourns her own child, who died of brain cancer last Saturday at the age of Roberta will also reportedly attend the memorial service at the National Cathedral tomorrow, and McCain's burial in Annapolis.

Roberta McCain, 106, cuts stoic figure at son's memorial service

Roberta McCain, 106, attends son John McCain's Washington services

John McCain's 106-year-old mother will attend his memorial service



View and license Roberta Mccain pictures & news photos from Getty Images. Roberta McCain mother of US Senator John McCain wipes her eyes as she.
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