A race for the ages

Laz reaches Oregon as A Race for the Ages kicks off in Tennessee

a race for the ages

A race for the ages

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All awards will be handed out at the banquet, including the and mile buckles. We will not be trying to process that during the event. If you want to come, run part of the race and go home, that is your prerogative. But we will not be processing the final results nor giving out awards until the race is over. All runners 40 and over will be allotted a number of hours equal to those hard-earned years of age in which to accumulate as many miles as possible. All the kids, 39 years, days and below, will compete over the final 40 hours of the race. The winner will be the runner with the most miles accumulated by the finish.

A Race For The Ages has members. This is the place to ask questions, make suggestions, or just discuss the race for the ages. I will be posting.
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A Race For The Ages was billed as a chance to rub elbows with the best from the past and the present and we went down not knowing what to expect. Would I be able to perform well or would I suffer the same fate as at Bristol? What about the living legends of the sport? I had already found that Ultrarunners were a very tight but friendly group in general but this would be different, this would be the ones that had put this sport on the map! How would they accept someone so inexperienced, someone they had never met before? We pulled into Manchester about 20 minutes before the start and still had to get camp up and ready, check in and change clothes.

Yesterday afternoon Lazarus Lake, the race director of the Barkley Marathons , reached Oregon, the final state on his summer-long odyssey across America on foot. Many runners have joined him for a few miles as he passes through their communities. The human experience, poetry in motion.. Laz living life fully one step at a time. I am so thankful for the experience, an opportunity for good conversation, observing the land and the sky. Happy to help a day on the adventure of Laz, I was rewarded with renewed appreciation for life.

A Race for the Ages

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