Xiaolin showdown shen gong wu

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xiaolin showdown shen gong wu

Xiaolin Chronicles- Fly Dragon

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Set in a world where martial arts battles and Eastern magic are commonplace, the series follows four young Xiaolin warriors in training who battle the Heylin forces of evil. They do this by protecting Shen Gong Wu ancient artifacts that have great magical powers from villains that would use them to conquer the world. Typical episodes revolve around a specific Shen Gong Wu being revealed which results in both sides racing to find it. Episodes usually reach a head when one good and one evil character must challenge each other to a magical duel called a Xiaolin Showdown for possession of the artifact. Originally airing on the Kids' WB block of programming on WB Network from to , the series ran for 3 seasons and 52 episodes. Reruns also aired on Cartoon Network from to

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When two or more people touch a Shen Gong Wu at the same time, a game called a "Xiaolin Showdown" occurs in order to determine which party gets the contested Shen Gong Wu, in which the only Wu that can be used are the ones that are wagered. Depending on the game and rules, the layout of the environment drastically changes until the end of the showdown. The winner of the showdown wins the contested Wu and all wagered Wu involved. The Shen Gong Wu's power can only be activated by calling out its name. Each Xiaolin Dragon had their own signature Wu. With their signature Wu, they can call out their Wu's name and their respective element.

The Shen Gong Wu activated one by one over a long period, and both the Xiaolin and the Heylin had ways of detecting their activation. Wuya grew more powerful with more Shen Gong Wu, so the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training had to collect as many as they could to stop her. When a Shen Gong Wu was wagered, it was available to everyone in the showdown, but the one who wagered it has it at first. They may be traded randomly in the showdown if one side asks for a Shen Yi Bu Dare, which also makes it so there were 2 Shen Gong Wu per person. Dojo Kanojo Cho had a rulebook which the Xiaolin warriors referred to at many points throughout the series, such as in when the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training and their fears, created by the Shadow of Fear which was in Jack Spicer's possession, had touched the Crouching Cougar at the same time. For instance, the Eye of Dashi shot forth lightning only when its name was called.

When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it allowed the user to travel to either the past or future, depending on which one the user is thinking of. It could always change time, in good ways and bad. This Shen Gong Wu resembled that of an hour glass, with detailed design on the top and bottom and red sand inside. It was gold and black in color, with clear glass. When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it allowed the user to not only travel through time but to alter time as well. It had been used a couple times in the Xiaolin Showdown Series but it is now hidden somewhere in the future by the future version of Omi. This Wu was used by Jack Spicer to bring some of history's worst villains to the present.

Golden Finger

This is a list of major characters from the animated television series Xiaolin Showdown and its sequel Xiaolin Chronicles.,







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  1. The Golder Finger was a gold metal glove permanently pointing its index finger and was worn as such by the user.

  2. A Xiaolin Showdown was a duel using the collected Shen Gong Wu as wagers. When a Shen Gong Wu was wagered, it was available to everyone in the.

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