Julio cesar chavez vs meldrick taylor

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor

julio cesar chavez vs meldrick taylor

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor Legendary Nights (by HBO)

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Need an account? Email Address. He had lost nearly two pints of blood. Later, he would spend a night in hospital receiving blood transfusions. Still, Meldrick Taylor was two scorecards up — and There was surely no way he could lose. Except there was.

But only a handful completely blow away all preconceived conjectures, and in doing so instantly become part of boxing lore, ensuring that debate about their outcome and significance will be passed on from generation to generation. Looking back, it is impossible to overstate the esteem in which Mexico held Chavez. Born into extreme poverty, his family living in an abandoned box-car, Chavez had promised his mother he would one day buy her a home. A few years he later found his way into a boxing gym, and with it, the road out of misery. By he was an undefeated, three-division world champion, sporting an intimidating record of 66 wins with 56 knockouts. A hero to his people, he gave millions a reason to feel proud of their country after years of political scandals and economic hardship. His innate talent led him, at age 17, to a gold medal at the Olympics.

In the last seconds before the 12th and final round of last Saturday night's super lightweight title fight in Las Vegas, Lou Duva was hunched over the puffy, battered face of Meldrick Taylor, screaming at his fighter above the din of the crowd. Don't stand up and let him hit you. Do like you've been doing: Put your head on his chest and keep turning him around. Taylor, the finely chiseled year-old U. Olympic pound gold medal winner in the Games, and at the moment the IBF's pound champion, was putting on the most smashing performance of his life.

March 17, 1990: Chavez vs Taylor I

The fight was selected by many as the fight of the year for , even topping the heavyweight showdown between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas. In the other corner was the slick, talented undefeated American, Meldrick Taylor. The Olympic gold medalist was making the third defence of his IBF crown and was well-known for his sizzling hand speed.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor – the most controversial finish in boxing history?

There are certain fights throughout boxing history that ignite a visceral reaction. All that is needed to light the fuse are two hyphenated words. Tunney-Dempsey II is one such fight. Even though Tunney and Dempsey are long dead and Leonard and Hagler are 58 and 60 years old respectively, the debates surrounding their fights burn as brightly as ever. Opinions on both sides are so deeply held that they almost become a part of that person. Like liberal versus conservative, a change of mind would be equated to an act of treason.

The fight was expected to be a rousing and exciting one but few, if any, could have foreseen the intense action it would produce, or the lasting fame it would earn in boxing history due to its dramatic and controversial ending that continues to be widely debated to this day. It would later be named The Ring magazine's Fight of the Year for , and later the "Fight of the Decade" for the s. From the mid 80s until early much of the attention given to boxing, particularly by the casual fan, was devoted to Mike Tyson. This served to overshadow a number of bouts and emerging stars in the lower weight classes. However, after Tyson lost to Buster Douglas in February , it would give other bouts and fighters a new chance to shine. Already a three-time world champion in the Jr. Lightweight, Lightweight and Jr.




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