Ford ranger check engine light

Check engine light

ford ranger check engine light

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On - AutoZone

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Ford dashboard warning lights are designed to alert you to any issues or malfunctions with a variety of vehicle parts and systems. For instance, when your Ford check engine light comes on, it can mean a few different things. The first thing you should check when your check engine light comes on is your gas cap. If the seal is broken due to a loose or damaged gas cap, the vapor could be leaking into the fuel-tank system, which causes the check engine light to turn on. If your gas cap is working properly, the next thing you should check is your engine oil level. A low oil level may cause your check engine light to turn on because driving with a low oil level can cause engine damage. If the gas cap and engine oil level are fine, the check engine light could mean a more serious problem, such as:.

RangerKody Well-Known Member. Got in after work and noticed the check engine light is on. Looked at fordpass and had alert, looks like after I turned off vehicle I got the alert this morning. Hope nothing serious. Urg, not even miles yet! Anyone else have check engine lights come on yet? Roofhopper Well-Known Member.

If your Ford Ranger is having a service problem, the engine warning light will let you know virtually immediately. The Check Engine light is located on the lower left side below the dashboard. It is the first of four square red lights. The EEC is the computer that controls the engine's operation. The light turns on briefly when you start the ignition, but quickly turns off when the engine starts. The Check Engine warning light indicates a possible problem with one of the engine's emission control systems.

Most of the time, that serious problem is a misfire.
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The check engine light is one of the most common indicator lights that flicker on the dashboard. This light can be frustrating, because the problem is not always obvious. However, this is one light you do not want to ignore. Here at Kovatch Ford in Nesquehoning PA, our dedicated team of mechanics are committed to making sure your vehicle stays in top shape. All problems that cause a check engine light will reduce overall performance of your car. Below we will list the top reasons for that pesky little light coming on.

Changed plugs and fuel filter, disconnected the battery in the process. Tracy answered 6 years ago. Be aware that a trouble code doesn't necessarily mean that a component is bad except in a few cases. It means that there's a reading or signal that is out of range. Sean answered 6 years ago. Agree with Tracy. Autozone, Advance, and Oreillys or other chain parts house all should offer free diagnostic testing, as well as the part s and rental or for purchase, if you choose tools to fix it, and might even help or change it for you.

As you reach to turn off your car, you notice your check engine light is on, and you panic. When are you going to take your car to a mechanic? What happens if you put it off? How expensive will it be? Bartow Ford, your Lakeland area Ford dealership , wants you to know exactly what to do when you see your check engine light on.

The check engine light is on




Is Your Check Engine Light On?




Ford Ranger: Flashing Check Engine Light Diagnosis


welp it's happened and don't know why yet, and it has to be when service is closing till Monday. Got in after work and noticed the check engine.
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  1. The Check Engine light is an indicator from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that something is out of specs within the computer controlled.

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