Can i lose weight while on my period

How much weight gain is normal on your period?

can i lose weight while on my period

It is more difficult for women to lose weight while they are on their period because hormonal shifts can cause all kinds of symptoms that defy weight loss plans.

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Some people can even gain up to five pounds or more during their period , says Lauren Streicher , MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the medical director of the Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause at Northwestern Medicine. But it's not technically as grim as it sounds—a lot of that period weight gain is water weight a. Still, that doesn't make it any less annoying—keep these factors in mind the next time the scale ticks up ever-so-slightly during that time of the month. The female sex hormone estrogen peaks during the latter part of your menstrual cycle, right before your period, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine. And high levels of it can indirectly lead your body to retain fluid, making you feel bloated and potentially causing you to gain a few pounds of water weight. Progesterone levels spike in the second half of your cycle, leading to water retention, breast tenderness, and sometimes water weight , she says.

Not surprisingly, the weight-loss journey is different for everyone, but did you know that your gender can drive these differences?
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If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. PMS includes a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that affect women several days to two weeks before their period. These symptoms are caused by the hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. PMS is very common. More than 90 percent of women who menstruate experience PMS.

Do not include personal information within comments including name, age, location. LOG IN. Article Search. The amount of weight gain in the second half of your cycle leading up to your period could be as little as none or as much as 5 pounds yikes! The amount of salt you eat during this time plays a huge role in the amount you will gain. Maggie Vink.

It is more difficult for women to lose weight while they are on their period because hormonal shifts can cause all kinds of symptoms that defy weight loss plans including water retention that adds pounds and inches, cramping that interfere with exercise and food cravings. The bad moods associated with having your period can also trigger cravings for carbohydrates and make you feel less motivated to exercise. This is because your body is releasing elevated amounts of progesterone, which encourages your system to store fatter and water. Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Maintaining weight-loss while you are on this period is easier if you begin to work with your body's timing and start to prepare for hormonal shifts with certain lifestyle and diet practices as week before your period actually starts. Here are some ways that you can stick to your weight loss goals even when you are on your period. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

Weight Gain Before Period & Weight Gain During Period: Are They Connected?

Do You Burn More Calories on Your Period? We Asked the Experts

Do you gain weight before your period and want to know why? Yes, your jeans are tighter, and you are not the only one! According to the U. Weight gain before your period is also referred to as PMS weight gain. This weight gain is related to hormonal changes. If you take a look at the menstrual cycle, the time just before you get your period is referred to as the luteal phase.

Christina Bednarz Schnell began writing full-time in Her areas of expertise include child development and behavior, medical conditions and pet health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations. Losing weight is challenging enough without having to deal with your period at the same time. Common menstrual and premenstrual symptoms include food cravings, cramping and water retention, all of which can affect your weight-loss motivation.

I have 15 years of conservation experience at the state and federal levels. I have also volunteered my time. A common perception is that women gain weight during their menstrual cycle. However, that is not always the case. The most common cause of weight gain is water retention. But other menstruation-related issues such as PMS and an increased metabolism can contribute to weight loss. Period-related weight changes are usually temporary.

And apparently, a stealthy calorie burner. - In fact, there are several physiological and psychological reasons why menstruation adds pounds that may last longer than the week of your period. To keep fluid weight at bay, avoid salty foods during the second half of your menstrual cycle.

During your period, it’s normal to gain three to five pounds that goes away after a few days of bleeding. Weight gain and that bloated, sore feeling in your abdomen are common symptoms during your period. Hormonal changes can cause weight gain by increasing water retention.
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