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sanford ear nose and throat

Dr. Ronald Walker, SLUCare Otolaryngology


Business Description: www. Business Description: Following graduation from college with dual degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Biochemistry in three years with numerous honors, Dr. Han entered the prestigious Universty of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Because of his exceptional academic performance and leadership ability, he was elected as the president of the exclusive national medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha, the highest honor at any medical school. At Penn, Dr. Han was mentored by David W. Kennedy, M.

Sanford Ear, Nose and Throat provides comprehensive adult and pediatric ENT care for you and your family, whether it's an ear infection, snoring, voice.
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Our board certified physicians are here to provide Central North Carolina with expert care in all aspects of Otolaryngology. Nasal obstruction can be caused by many factors including a deviated septum the wall on the inside of your nose that separates the right and left nasal passages , inferior turbinate hypertrophy structures within your nose that help warm and humidify the air that enters your nose , or weakened cartilage on the outside of your nose to name a few. If the septum is crooked or the inferior turbinates are large, this problem can be corrected with a septoplasty that straightens the septum or an inferior turbinate reduction. These are relatively easy procedures to perform and typically do not lead to any cosmetic deformity of the nose because the surgery is performed inside your nose. Read Full Article.

The Spanos Lab focuses on understanding mechanisms of head and neck squamous cell cancer HNSCC development and progression with an emphasis on translating mechanistic knowledge into improved patient care and treatment outcomes. The lab utilizes preclinical data to generate novel clinical trial designs and subsequently analyzes patient samples to generate a new experimental hypothesis. All projects in the laboratory have a high degree of translational potential through implementation into clinical trials. Cancer Biology and Immunotherapies. Email Dr. Before joining Sanford Research, Dr.

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Sinus and ENT specialist Dr. DeSautel will join Dr. Josh Espelund and Dr.

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Life is better when your ears, nose and throat are in good condition. Let us take care of your ear, nose and throat. ENT conditions are complex. Our ENT specialists will communicate your next steps to your primary care provider. Your consultation with our ENT doctors is one stop on your continuum of care.


Dr. Thomas Sanford, SLUCare Otolaryngology

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