I got a puppy and now i regret it

Puppy Blues: When You Regret Getting a Puppy

i got a puppy and now i regret it


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Our gorgeous pup joined our family back in June and whoa, for a week there I was really depressed and really regretting our decision to get a dog. Honestly, we were actually going to give him back to the breeder I was that worried about what we had done…. Anyway, after about a week and a half those feelings of regret, worry and anxiety were gone and I fell in LOVE with my doggy. Or am I just weird…? I think we are gonna start crating him, which I feel bad separating them.

So finally you got to pick up your brand new puppy from the breeder. But after a few weeks, sometimes even days, you start to wonder: did I do the right thing? You might even regret getting a puppy!
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My then-boyfriend, now-husband, Russ, and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while. We already had a cat and wanted another furry animal to cuddle with—not to mention run with and play with at the park. So last spring, after living together for more than a year, we decided it was time to start looking. There are tons of shelters and other rescue organizations near us in Brooklyn, so we followed some of them on Instagram. One of them got back to us immediately regarding a caramel-colored, week-old puppy. She was in a foster home a minute walk from our apartment, so we went right over to meet her.



Puppy Blues – When You Regret Getting A Dog or Puppy

He Thought He Brought Home A Puppy, But Later Realized It Was Something Else.

(Closed) Post-Puppy Depression?



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