Sonobello before and after pics

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction: Know the Difference

sonobello before and after pics

My Sono Bello Review Post-op Part 2


I visited Sono Bello a little over a year ago to discuss laser liposuction for my trouble areas. I found it unsettling that this wasn't being done by a doctor and asked when a doctor would actually evaluate me. I believe her actual words were "if you have fat, you qualify, there's not much else to it. Now you may ask why did I do it if I wasn't happy with the consultation and that I cannot really answer. I paid a LOT I'm embarrassed to say how much, let's just say more than 10k, a lot more. The doctor ended up being very nice, his assistant even nicer.

Their procedures are available for both men and women. They promise to provide each customer with the most advanced micro-laser liposuction procedures possible to give them bodies they will be happier with. Should you consider Sono Bello for your cosmetic procedures? According to the Sono Bello website, these procedures are much less invasive than traditional liposuction and require much less healing time. The procedures are available for both men and women and treat a wide variety of areas, including chest, chin, waist, abs, arms, back, and legs. Sono Bello reports that laser liposuction helps to restore the natural contours of your body and is ideal for removing fat pockets from your stomach, waist, arms, and legs. During treatment, a physician uses micro cannulas to suck out unwanted fat from large pockets and a separate micro cannula with a low-power laser to break down fat in smaller sections like your upper arms and under your chin.

Get inspired by our women's before and after stomach liposuction photos from real Sono Bello patients.
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What Happened When I Tried Laser Liposuction

Here is the story of how I accidentally got liposuction. Well, it was technically a form of laser liposuction. Not familiar? Yeah, neither was I, so let me explain. What exactly is the difference? No scraping means no inflammation in the muscle, fascia, or dermis. Bye, bye.

CoolSculpting and liposuction are both medical procedures that reduce fat. But some key differences exist between the two. Keep reading to learn more. It helps remove extra fat cells from underneath your skin without surgery. During a CoolSculpting session, a plastic surgeon or other physician trained in CoolSculpting will use a special tool that clamps down and cools a roll of fat to freezing temperature. In the weeks after the treatment, your body naturally eliminates the frozen, dead fat cells through your liver.


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  1. See the dramatic, life-changing laser liposuction results thousands of other women have experienced with Sono Bello®'s body contouring procedures. Sono Bello creates a custom plan tailored to your specific needs. Select an area below to view more before & after lipo and body.

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