Girl breaks neck dancing and dies

Girl Injures NECK Doing CityGirls Twerk Challenge! (Video)

girl breaks neck dancing and dies

In December , a short clip of a woman dancing was widely spread on social media, along with the claim that she had accidentally broken.

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Competitor Sifiso Thabete attempted to perform a backflip in front of crowds at a contest but landed on his head. Parents administer cannabis oil to their son to stop his seizure. Brexit: Gove refuses to say the government will overcome Remainers. Hong Kong protesters set up a barricade at airport bus station. Police chase protesters inside Hong Kong International Airport. Bachelor contestants critique Matt's attempt at belly dancing.

Warning: Video can appear Graphic. Viewer discretion advised. It shows the girl falling onto ground and laying like that after doing a headstand during Twerk dance. Most viewers believed in the first sight of the short clip and went on to believe the girl did indeed broke her neck while twerking. Some even thought the girl collapsed and died as a result of neck injury.

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A South African bodybuilder tragically died on Saturday after his attempt at entertaining fans went horribly wrong. Harrowing footage from the event shows Sifiso Lungelo Thabete enter an arena at a bodybuilding competition and begin riling up spectators. The year-old can be seen slowly walking into the centre of the gym before breaking into a trot, raising his hands above his head to the tune of applause from onlookers. God pulled through and I came first. I'm still in awe, honestly.

Dancehall: Girl Break Neck And Die Performing Acrobatic Dance

Woman Accidentally Dies . . . She TWERKED HERSELF TO DEATH . . . In A Dance Contest! (Warning – GRAP

OH NO! Lady Doing Acrobatic Dancing Breaks Neck & Dies Instantly On The Dance Floor -Photo

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. In December , a short clip of a woman dancing was widely spread on social media, along with the claim that she had accidentally broken her neck while twerking. Most people keep saying shaking your ass, headtop, split, nah get you nowhere. You have a few people who lick out on the way we dance in dancehall. But look at it now. It got me somewhere, in an international video.


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