Nba youngboy and kevin gates

Kevin Gates Denies Beefing With NBA Youngboy, "Loves Him To Death"

nba youngboy and kevin gates

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 2 Hands (feat. Kevin Gates) [Official Audio]

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He is best known for his song " Outside Today " which has peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot chart. YoungBoy broke his neck while wrestling as a toddler, the injury requiring a head brace until the spine healed. The brace left permanent scars on his forehead. While there, he began writing lyrics for his debut project. The two then used acts of criminality to begin to pay for studio time. YoungBoy first began producing music with a microphone he bought from Walmart when he was fourteen years old. Although no real violence ever occurred between the two Baton Rouge rappers, their feuding attracted a lot of attention.

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Quando Rondo Disses Kevin Gates During a Show

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Quando Rondo Calls Kevin Gates A "Pussy Ass N****" During Performance




Kevin Gates has stepped forward to address criticisms over his tattoo of NBA YoungBoy. The Baton Rouge rapper got a tattoo of YoungBoy Never Broke last year even though he has never commented on it. NBA knew about the tat, and those close to Gates knew about it and understood why.
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  1. Kevin Gates just cleared the air on speculation that he and Youngboy Never Broke Again had fallen out.

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