He went on vacation and hasn t texted

She hasn't text me while on vacation for over a week. Should I be worried?

he went on vacation and hasn t texted

Everything was good until he went on vacation. It might be a little annoying that he hasn't texted but don't let a little thing like that grow into.

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Me too! Or is it customary for communication to be at a bare minimum when your partner travels? Your boyfriend went on a two-day trip and you spoke to him while he was gone. What exactly is the problem? You called, he answered. You talked. You can actually just post pictures, tweet or do status updates on your own.

Sign up or log in to share. My initial thought was that may be she had no reception, or was too preoccupied with her family, but when i read the part where she logged into the dating site online instead of messaging you, alarm bells started ringing. It would be very naive to ignore that fact , considering how long you have been together. If i cared for a guy and wanted to be with him, i'd miss him while i was away, and he would be on my mind constantly. I'd contact him with every given opportunity. You were not the first thing on her mind

Although we haven't discussed exclusivity, I could tell that he was quite smitten. Like, he insisted that we hugged when sleeping, and when I said I wasn't used to sleeping like that, he said I'd better get used to it now. To me, it kind of implied that he wanted to continue seeing me consistently in the future Could my interpretation be wrong? On Thursday last week, he left for his pre-booked 2-week vacation. We did spend Wednesday night together; I kissed him goodbye and wished him a good holiday on Thursday morning. Everything seemed nice and sweet - it didn't cross my mind that I had to discuss with him about communication during this vacation

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