Black and white shiba inu

The Purebred Shiba Inu

black and white shiba inu

The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed of hunting dog. A small-to-medium breed, it is the smallest Shibas may be red, black and tan, or sesame (red with black- tipped hairs), with a cream, buff, or grey undercoat. Conversely, a white (cream ) coat is perfectly acceptable according to the British Kennel Club breed standard .

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The black and tan colored Shiba Inu is one of the four coat colors of the Shiba Inu dog breed. The other Shiba Inu colors are the red, sesame, and cream. After the war, breeding programs were established and three different Shiba type dogs San-In, Mino, and Shinshu were bred together to form the Shiba Inu we know today. The coats of all Shiba Inus are double coated with a stiff and straight outer layer and a soft and plush undercoat. A black and tan Shiba inu has actually a tri-colored coat with a dull, rusty black base, tan points, and a white urajiro area. A complete black and tan coat color spectrum would start at white to cream, tan to buff red, and dull rusty black.

The black and tan Shiba Inu is also really popular and is type of multicolor coat combines black, fire-engine red and white.
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How many Shiba Inu colors can you name? Do all members of this unusual breed have the same beautiful coat color of a red fox or are there variations? To look at, the Shiba Inu resembles a huge fox. This unusual, exotic pup typically has a fluffy red coat and a mouth that appears to be permanently smiling. The Japanese Shiba Inu was originally bred as far back as B. The breed was used as a hunting dog in the mountainous regions of his home country. The Shiba Inu color is named after a reddish shade of mountain brushwood.

Introduction 2. Overview 3. Urajiro 6. Colour diagram showcase. Patterns, anomalies and coat variants.

Shiba Inu Colors How Many Variations Are There?

Black And Tan Shiba Inu Facts And Information

See files for Dogs. If you have decided to adopt a Shiba Inu dog, or if you are still thinking about it, you might want to know about the various possible Shiba Inu coat colors. This breed of Japanese origin has a very special character that you're sure to fall in love with. AnimalWised will list the Shiba Inu's different coat shades in this article - they include red, black and tan, sesame, cream or white - along with photographs of each so that you can learn what colors are Shiba Inu dogs. Do not forget to share pictures of your furry friend below!

A small-to-medium breed, it is the smallest of the six original and distinct spitz breeds of dog native to Japan. A small, agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain, the Shiba Inu was originally bred for hunting. Inu is the Japanese word for dog, but the origin of the prefix "Shiba" is less clear. The word shiba means "brushwood" in Japanese, and refers to a type of tree or shrub whose leaves turn red in the fall. However, in an old Nagano dialect, the word shiba also had the meaning of "small", thus this might be a reference to the dog's diminutive stature. The Shiba's frame is compact with well-developed muscles. The preferred size is the middle of the range for each sex.

The Shiba Inu dog breed was originally bred to flush birds and small game, and was occasionally used to hunt wild boar. He is known for his spirited personality, small upright ears, and cat-like agility.



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  1. A black and tan Shiba inu has actually a tri-colored coat with a dull, rusty black base, tan points, and a white urajiro area. A complete black and tan coat color.

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