White ring gate of grief

White Ring - Gate of Grief

white ring gate of grief

Fields of Hate

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Or browse results titled :. White Ring. Contact White Ring. Streaming and Download help. If you like White Ring, you may also like:. White Light has been the album that introduced me to witch house a while back and I still consider it one of the most intelligent albums of the genre.

White Ring are an odd bird. After popping out a few singles during the initial popularity of witch house during the early s, they essentially disappeared. But they weren't entirely dormant; rather, they were very slowly assembling tracks for their new album Gate of Grief. And while there is plenty of classic witch house sound to be found here, the band are willing to experiment and venture into lots of adjacent and not so adjacent genres, to their benefit and credit. The band does a fine job of aping other artists throughout the set.

Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 3. I'd recommend checking out the embedded song and going from there. Nice review, I've been anticipating this one since you featured a song in the blog. Gonna check soon for sure. It's a pretty good album, just not quite what I'd thought it could be. Most people will enjoy this I think.

White Ring members Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia have adopted the This makes Gate of Grief not only White Ring's most substantial.
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T ens of thousands of years ago, our African ancestors crossed the Red Sea between the coasts of what is now Djibouti and Yemen. White Ring members Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia have adopted the anthropological concept for their latest release, refiguring the phrase to refer to personal struggle. Suffering several issues that continued to hinder music production, Gate of Grief started to crystallize after the inclusion of vocals from Adina Viarengo. Witch house began as a microgenre in A postmodern bricolage of rave, goth, and industrial music, witch house was, like many modern artifacts, empowered by the internet.

White Ring exorcise the spectre of witch house to (mostly) thrilling effect

In musical terms, feels like a lifetime ago. Witch house was a shadowy coven which melded skeletal beats, cold, ghoulish synths and industrial aesthetics. However White Ring , back then vocalist Kendra Malia and producer Bryan Kurkimilis the duo are now made up of Kurkimilis and vocalist Adina Viarengo , barely had time to release more than a few ominous tracks and EP, Black Earth That Made Me , before the genre fell off the radar.

White Ring: Gate of Grief

The funny thing about the microgenres of the late s and early s is how many people seemed to hate them while buying into them. Perhaps because the internet as a facilitator of specific sounds was still a new idea, genres like chillwave and witch house tended to be dismissed offhand, including by the artists. Is it witch house? Is it not witch house? Thick layers of synth are treated like guitars. Trap drums skitter behind layers of distortion, the cymbals crashing like the gongs of doom.

With their eerie yet seductive blend of trance, industrial, trap, and dark synth pop, White Ring seemed like one of the more promising acts to be tagged "witch house" during the early s. However, they seemed to disappear along with the rest of the scene around In reality, they had begun working on their debut album in , but personal issues, particularly vocalist Kendra Malia's health problems, delayed its completion throughout the decade. Eventually White Ring gained a second vocalist, Adina Viarengo, who began touring with the group once they resumed performing in Both Viarengo and Malia sing on White Ring 's much-anticipated debut full-length, Gate of Grief , although the ghostly, echo-tunnel vocal distortion makes it impossible to tell which one is singing on any given song. In a lot of ways, the group sound like they're picking up where they and witch house as a whole left off.


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  1. Gate Of Grief by White Ring, released 27 July 1. Heavy Self Alienation 2. Leprosy 3. Angels 4. Close Yr Eyes 5. Fields of Hate 6. Low (featuring Fostercare ).

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