Hot rods and muscle cars

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hot rods and muscle cars

It's almost impossible to imagine what American car culture would look like without the muscle car. More than half a century after the first one rolled out of the .

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It seems as if as time goes on, talk and love for muscle cars and hot rods dissipates. There are several factors that cause this and I will talk about them now…. A lot of hot rodders and muscle car enthusiasts are older men. Many cars that hot rodders and muscle cars love have ceased production long ago. The number of cool old rides diminishes day by day much to the chagrin of their enthusiasts.

Engineers verified GT performance for thousands of miles on multiple race tracks to ensure… Read More. Husband and wife team up to build a Chevelle with old-school features and a… Read More. Worldwide Auctioneers is auctioning off a pristine condition Tucker to benefit cancer research for… Read More. Three men of varying size, skill, and demeanor changed the way the world looked at… Read More. Cord is sale again! The buyer will get rights to license parts, clothing, and model… Read More.

Motoring Research. Motor Trend. Featured Explore Cars Car Reviews. Immaculate Chevrolet Malibu is a mean muscle car Motorious. Green with envy? Special-ordered Pontiac Trans Am is good as gold Motorious. Jeep Wagoneer: A history of the style icon Motor Trend.

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Muscle cars and hot rods are a staple of American car culture. Tell us about your specific slice of Americana and where your car fits inside this diverse culture. Regardless of what drives you, we want to help you protect, preserve and enjoy your passion for these American icons.

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