Advanced spine and sports care

Advanced Spine and Sports Care

advanced spine and sports care

Advanced Spine & Sports Care specializes in Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Treatment. To receive the best chiropractic care call today ()

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We do our best to provide the best quality care utilizing evidence-based methods of treatment. We understand how important it is to choose a chiropractor that is right for you as no two chiropractors may practice exactly the same. We all have different assessments and methods of treatment which may produce different results. If you have tried chiropractic before but did not get good results we encourage you to see us for a free consultation. Your Aiken chiropractor is ready to see if we can help. We specialize in treatment of tough cases. Your Aiken chiropractor is located at Silver Bluff Rd.

You can expect to be in the office for approximately 45min to one hour for your initial consultation. Marschner was well as a thorough examination. This examination will assess your areas of concern and examine the integrity of your neuro-musculo-skeletal system the nervous system, musculature, spine and joints, and how they interact with one another. Only after this initial examination will Dr. Marschner make a diagnosis, and offer a recommended course of treatment. Download new patient forms HERE.

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