His and hers skull tattoos

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his and hers skull tattoos

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Tattoos can come in all kinds of shapes and forms. Each of the different styles used says a message, and in a way that tells something about the owner of the said skin art. Over the course of history, one of the enduring tattoo designs is the skull. As a reflection of the line between life and death, skulls can bear a lot of meaning. Skulls can mean different things to different people. But the first meaning that comes to mind is death.

Alchemy and dark magic? What about twisting your way of thinking a bit and try to associate skull with beauty, power and maybe even femininity? What is more sexy and feminine than a bit of secret and mystery? Look at this girl — would you expect her to have another skull tattooed apart from the one on her arm? Me neither. Do you want to remember about somebody who left too early or maybe memento mori is your motto? Who said that black always has to come with white?

Getting the same image or a coordinating design tattoo with your special man or woman is the perfect way to show the permanency of your love and devotion. Here are some ideas to get you and your husband or wife thinking of what you might want your special tattoo to be. Commemorate your wedding with an inked ring or the date tattooed on your forearm. It will serve as a constant reminder of your commitment that you can never take off. Some couples are even combining the idea with the date tattooed onto their ring fingers. Some couples are even getting Pinky and the Brain tattoos! Other ideas include peanut butter and jelly, a Native American brave and squaw, and pictures of male and female animals.

Here are the best skull tattoos EVER in our opinion , including descriptions, HD photos, tips and info for getting skull tattoos. A skull tattoo is badass! Candy skulls for example, are very popular and are not at all scary. Well, they should be, because they actually refer to dead people. Other negative references regarding skull tattoos are about prisoners, gang members and bikers.

50 Stunning Sugar Skull Tattoo Design Ideas & Their Meanings

Skull tattoos have become much more accepted left behind others. Despite the consequences of what some might think, skull tattoo designs are really some of the badass and crazy custom tattoo art in the present day. The meaning of skull tattoos is extensively discussed, but actually these skull tattoo designs can be used for depicting a number of personal understandings.

160 Skull Tattoos – Best Tattoos, Designs, and Ideas

Day of the Dead is coming up, and it's the perfect time to celebrate with a sugar skull tattoo. The Mexican holiday is meant to honor and remember deceased family members. Decorations feature vibrant colors, flowers, candles and, of course, sugar skulls. These cultures believed that mourning lost loved ones was disrespectful. In fact, these cultures believed that the spirits of the dead returned to Earth during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Matching his and hers tattoos are a fabulous way express loyalty and love for one another. Going through tattoo designs and catalogues is always worth the time and effort, especially if you are getting it with someone, you love. Therefore, you want to make sure your design is unique because you do not want to end up with the same wedding ring design as the next random person you see. Something trending these days is getting identical tattoos with your partner. So what special symbol is unique and meaningful to you and your partner or kin? What message do you want to get across?






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