Chasing cars greys anatomy episodes

Chasing Cars

chasing cars greys anatomy episodes

Grey's Anatomy - Chasing Cars lyrics

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It was named after a song initially performed by American singer Maria Taylor. It is the series's first musical episode, and features the cast performing songs previously featured within the program. Various songs are performed by the cast members, as they attempt to save the life of Torres. Rhimes originally idealized the episode at the conception of the drama, while the show remained untitled. The episode opened to mixed reviews from television critics, and it was the second most watched program of the night. En route to a weekend getaway, surgeons Arizona Robbins Jessica Capshaw and Callie Torres Sara Ramirez are involved in a vehicular collision, moments after Robbins proposes marriage.

The episode also featured an emotional Spanish version of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars that was commissioned specially for the tear-jerking scene. Episode 6 of Grey's Anatomy season 15, 'Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave', just managed to reduce an entire fandom to tears as they surprised us all by bringing back some of the most beloved gone-too-soon characters in one of the most emotional and poignant scenes to date - along with a brand new heart-wrenching Spanish version of 'Chasing Cars'. While the departures of Arizona Robbins and April Kepner left fans feeling a little bitter last season , the fifteenth season of the medical drama has managed to deliver on all fronts. We've already seen blossoming romances, good ol' show-stopping surgical scenes and Alex Karev has even been promoted to Chief after all these years can you believe?! Fifteen years later and the show is still finding ways to impress - and emotionally destroy - its viewers.

Season 2, Episode This song played as Meredith pulled the bomb out of the body cavity and handed it to the bomb squad guy. We also saw Derek operating on Bailey's husband. Season 2, Episode Izzy clings to Denny's dead body, and tells the attendings that she's giving up on being a surgeon. Season 3, Episode 1: This song plays as Izzy lies on the floor mourning Denny, and finally decides to get up to sit Shiva. Season 3, Episode The heartbreaking moment when George has to turn off his father's life support machines. Season 3, Episode This song played during the haunting scene where Meredith fell into the water while tending to a patient from the ferry crash. Season 3, Episode In one of Cristina's most heartbreaking scenes ever, Meredith cuts her out of her wedding dress after Burke leaves her at the altar.

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Grey's Anatomy - Chasing Cars Scene - The Wind and the Wave - 11x22

Song Beneath the Song

Warning: "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers lie ahead! So if you haven't watched Thursday night's episode yet, you might want to click away. It was a beautiful day to save lives for Derek Shepherd, until it was his life at stake on the operating table. In a shocking twist made slightly less shocking by EW 's unfortunate leak , our beloved Dr. Well, it wasn't entirely the truck's fault. The doctors at whatever hospital Derek ended up were kinda the worst. It took the on-call neurosurgeon an hour and a half to get to the hospital, which all but sealed Derek's grim fate.

Every Grey's Anatom y fan has sat through the famous heart-wrenching scenes. We also watch the scenes that make you smile because maybe Meredith may finally get a happy ending. These wonderful moments that have us sitting on the edge of our couches crying our eyes out wouldn't be the same without the music included in the background. Sometimes it's hard to pay attention to just exactly what is playing. For all you Grey's Anatom y fans, here is a list of twenty-seven songs that are in our favorite scenes! This song debuted in Season 2 Episode 27 as Izzie lays with Denny in her pink prom dress after he dies from a blood clot that led to a stroke.

She didn't just want short bursts of sound: She wanted music with purpose. This directive gave me an opportunity to look under every musical rock and stretch my choices into both the emotional and the sassy. -





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