Pokemon x and y elite four

Pokemon X & Y Elite Four

pokemon x and y elite four

Pokemon X / Y - Boss Rush (Elite Four)

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Yo seriously the kalos elite four are a bunch of stoners. You got the hippie dragon master, the pyro, the water and steel types who supply the bong and bong water. Devote yourself entirely, so even that which will fade and disappear is ingrained forever upon your heart and mind! That is the only fate for any human. Apart from Malva, they were all already in their positions when I became champion.

You can pick and choose who you face in whatever order you want, just like in Generation V. So then, are you ready? Type: Lv. Malva is the first to introduce herself as soon as you step through the door to the main chamber. With one down, there are three remaining. A solid Water type can deal with Probopass, but be warned as it knows Discharge.

Pokemon League (Kalos)

They can be accessed in the Pokemon League to the east of Santalune City., The Pokemon League is the place in central Kalos that holds the top five Pokemon Trainers of the region. You must face each member of the Elite Four after each other before you can face the Pokemon League Champion.

Pokemon X and Y Elite Four and Champion Guide

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What is a good team build for elite four? Ive been through just about every team build answer and board post and wanted to know a simple build for story mode. Specifically the elite four, the answers dont have to be any specific pokemon just general ones i dont have a set team but i do have xerneas blastoise lucario and delphox about level 80 User Info: DoctorWho

It is located on a large hill north of the Victory Road. After making through the entrance hall, the player is greeted by Malva , who congratulates them for defeating Team Flare , after which she will retreat to her chamber to wait for the player's arrival. From the main hall, four different doors lead to four different chambers: the first door on the right leads to the Blazing Chamber, hosted by the Fire type expert Malva; the second door on the right leads to the Flood Chamber, hosted by the Water type expert Siebold ; the first door on the left leads to the Ironworks Chamber, hosted by the Steel type expert Wikstrom ; and the second door on the left leads to the Dragonmark Chamber, hosted by the Dragon type expert Drasna. In the middle of the entrance chambers, a small stone platform acts as an elevator, taking the player to the actual battling chamber once stepped onto. Once the battle is over, the platform can be stepped onto again, bringing the player back to the main hall.

This guide can help you defeat the Elite Four and the Champion following them. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 22, times. Categories: Pokemon X and Y. Learn more It's best to have your team at around Level 60 or higher, as well as a good variety of types.

You've struggled long and hard to get here, and your efforts are about to bare fruit. Are you ready to bring the League to its knees? Enter the castle and, eventually, you'll find your way to a non-descript room with four rooms.


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