Jimmy fallon and justin bieber

The Real Reason Justin Bieber Was Seen with a Wig Is So Hilarious

jimmy fallon and justin bieber

Justin Bieber French Kissing Mannequin/Doll Head On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2013 (Official)

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Fallon took The Tonight Show to Central Park on Thursday for the first time ever, shooting an episode on an outdoor stage in the middle of the historic New York City locale, and to celebrate the special occasion he teamed up with the singer for a goofy pre-taped segment. Donning bad wigs, laughably fake mustaches, dark glasses and loose-fitting black suits, Fallon and Bieber headed out into Central Park for a segment the host called "Musical Photobomb. From dancing in the background behind a group of people enjoying a picnic to busting out choreographed moves on some park steps next to a man jamming on a guitar, the pair made total spectacles of themselves, and yet managed to remain relatively unnoticed. Throughout the whole stunt, Bieber was smiling from ear to ear and the recently engaged pop superstar seemed to be having an amazing time dancing on the tops of traffic bollards or hip-thrusting while playing a pan flute. It wasn't until the very end of their day out -- which seemed to take them throughout the entire park -- that Bieber and Fallon pulled off their floppy wigs and poorly attached mustaches to reveal their true identities, at which point they posed for photos with his legion of fans.

Justin Bieber is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. After being discovered on YouTube, he signed a recording contract with Island/Def Jam records.
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Earlier this summer, between crying in New York City and grabbing coffee every other day with Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber was spotted carrying a wig throughout Central Park. Justin Bieber wearing a suit in ? WIG pic. Initially people were like, "WTF is happening? Turns out, that photo was taken after Justin ran all throughout the park dancing and "musical photobombing" people with Jimmy Fallon.

Justin Bieber And Jimmy Fallon Tried To Prank People In New York But No One Noticed (VIDEO)

On last night's special episode of The Tonight Show , Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon went incognito, disguising their famous faces with dark sunglasses, fake mustaches and bushy wigs. No one was safe from their shenanigans as they roamed the park, interrupted picnics, crept up on strangers and performed a choreographed routine to Bieber's hit single "What Do U Mean?


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