Beyonce and jay z video

Jemele Hill Drops Stunning Engagement Video Inspired By Beyonce And Jay-Z

beyonce and jay z video

In true Beyonce style, the superstar dropped a brand new album and music video with no prior warning or ostentatious fanfare. But it's where the video was.

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Iyi ni imihora yo hanze kandi yuguruka mu kandi kadirisha. Beyonce na Jay-Z batangaje abakunzi babo mu gusohorera hamwe album: "Everything is Love". Vyari vyavuzwe cane ariko ubu ngiyo yasohotse; yitwa "Everything is Love" kandi umuntu arashobora kuyironka ku mbuga ya Jay-Z. Beyonce niwe yatangaje ayo makuru mu gisagara ca Londres bashimira abakunzi bagiye kubaraba mu rugendo barimwo. Ikoze ku buryo ubona koko ko ari iya Beyonce na Jay, ikaba yakorewe mu nyubakwa ndangamuco y'i Louvres mu gisagara ca Paris. Igabisha : Ino video irimwo amajambo bamwe bosanga ari nko gusotorana.

The superstar couple waved to fans, smiled for the cameras and generally seemed to have a great time as they took in the game, and chatted with other super-wealthy ticket holders in the seats next to them. Beyonce was really feeling her look as she later posted several photos to Instagram of her outfit. In fact, one particular interaction seemed to generate the most attention when the woman sitting next to them leaned in front of Beyonce to chat up JAY-Z. The question was met with a plethora supportive responses in the form of hundreds of bee emojis posted by particularly devoted fans. What seems to have escaped many people who felt like throwing shade at the woman trying to get JAY-Z's attention is that she's not just a random person sitting in the front row of one of the biggest games of the year. Either way, it wasn't a great night for the Warriors all around, as they ended up losing Game 3 to the Raptors to

The song was co-written and co-produced by Pharrell Williams with the duo. It features additional ad-libs by Quavo and Offset from the hip hop trio Migos , who are credited as a co-writers. It was released on June 16, , as the lead single from the duo's collaborative studio album Everything Is Love , along with a music video filmed at the Louvre in Paris. Otir Hard of NPR dubbed the song one of the catchiest to be released in , adding that it "lives up to the grandeur on first listen". In December , Billboard ranked "Apeshit" as the 27th best song of the year.

To promote the tour, a faux movie trailer video was premiered in May entitled "Run" stylized as "RUN". The video, which features eight celebrity cameo appearances , showcases the couple in a variety of Bonnie and Clyde style, action and gun packed situations. The tour itself was noted to follow this same theme throughout, with similar video interludes incorporated into the production of the show. Critics generally lauded the tour, praising the extravagant set list, dynamic and detailed theme and story of the show and both artists' performance abilities, however some felt the on stage chemistry between the couple was not what it could have been. Due to the large demand and tickets selling out in minutes in multiple locations, extra tour dates were added to the itinerary. It was the fifth highest-grossing tour of , according to Pollstar ' s annual year end tour chart.

In true Beyonce style, the superstar dropped a brand new album and music video with no prior warning or ostentatious fanfare. But it's where the video was filmed that has everyone talking. Aside from fierce poses, unbelievable choreography and fabulous fashion all signature Bey , they were granted VIP access to the world-famous Louvre in Paris, making the art the third star of the video. The most visited museum in the world last year, it's difficult for your average tourist to get a good glimpse of the Mona Lisa over the heads of hundreds of other people. Not Beyonce.

Join us as we take you through a timeline of the most powerful couple in music's relationship. So we'll put it at sometime between In an interview with Vanity Fair ten years later, Jay Z said of the shoot; "We were just beginning to try to date each other. People were starting to ask 'are these two actually together? Just when everyone started wonder if Bey and Jay were actually in love they dropped the summer hit 'Crazy In Love,' which kind of confused everyone even more. Who wouldn't wish she was their girlfriend? Maybe one day.

Beyonce and Jay Z release the video for their single “Apeshit”

Beyonce - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z


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  1. Beyonce and Jay-Z's video for “APES**T” from their newly released joint album Everything Is Love has inspired the Louvre to offer a new guided tour of the shoot .

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