Who is pickler and ben

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron Reveal Why Talk Show Pickler & Ben Was Cancelled

who is pickler and ben

Pickler & Ben is daytime's go-to destination for the best in lifestyle and entertainment television, now entering its second season. Nominated for three Emmy.

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Trigger Random Notes 29 Comments. It was syndicated into separate markets, and was apparently doing well, including being nominated for two Emmy Awards just the week before. Despite taking a prolonged hiatus away from pursuing music full time, Kellie Picker remains arguably one of the most talented women in country music with proven mainstream appeal. Though she was never a big cash cow or hit machine for Music Row, she was able to amass solid numbers at the start of her recording career, and her debut record sold over , copies. In many ways the record was a precursor for important things to come in country music in the proceeding years. Chris Stapleton also sang harmonies on the record, and Paul Franklin played steel guitar. At that point, Kellie Pickler was more famous for being famous than for making country music.

Run by co-hosts Kellie Pickler and Emmy-winning journalist Ben Aaron, the feel-good program takes place in a Nashville farmhouse-styled studio, where an impressive lineup of special guests and experts including Reba McEntire! According to the Tennesseean , The E. Scripps Company has made the decision to pull the program after season two. Audiences loved the show. So, why the sudden network cut? Scripps explains that this combo doesn't exactly equate to a very hefty profit margin in the long run, even though Faith Hill and Lisa Erspamer of the Oprah Winfrey Show have spots on the production team.

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The series premiered on September 18, ,




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  1. Pickler & Ben is an American syndicated daytime talk show hosted by country singer Kellie Pickler and media personality Ben Aaron, focusing on lifestyle.

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