And they were roommates vine

We went in deep on some of the greatest Vines to try work out why they're so funny

and they were roommates vine

Vines that keep me alive

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You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Oh My God, They Were Roommates is a quote from a popular Vine video that grew into a popular meme on Tumblr , referenced in various text posts and jokes where the quote is taken out of context. On October 25th, , Vine user ig mattsukkar [1] uploaded a video in which he films a conversation a woman walking past him is having on the phone. The only line of he heres from the conversation is the woman saying "…and they were roommates! Following the post on Vine, an embed of the video began circulating on Tumblr that gained over , notes. The majority of posts referencing the Vine were text based and often followed a pattern where one user would say something to the effect of "they were roommates" and another user would reblog the post with "oh my god, they were roommates…" For example, a post from iamthebestby2ne1 starting the joke was reblogged by melongorl, [4] who finished the joke, on October 28th, , gaining over , notes shown below, left. On August 8th, , Tumblr user pettyqueer [5] did the same on a post by shelovesjinyoung, gaining over , notes shown below, right.

On January 17, , Twitter officially shut down Vine, the popular social media networking app that had brought hours of endless, hilarious.
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Website: And they were roommates. Me: Oh my God, they were roommates. Have some pictures of them when they were Gophers. So cute! So happy!

Vine was everything that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of the internet. At their very core, most Vines are inoffensively dumb. It's just some idiot with a camera, cramming as much stupidity into six seconds as they possibly can. The result is unbridled magic. Unfortunately, Vine is no longer with us, so many of our dreams of becoming Vine superstars have been shattered. Not to worry, at least we can look back on the wonderful content that was created for us all to enjoy, then analyse it to the point of potentially ruining them all forever more.

On January 17, , Twitter officially shut down Vine, the popular social media networking app that had brought hours of endless, hilarious, short entertainment and propelled dozens of regular teens to stardom levels of fame, for good. What is the best Vine ever made? They are all too powerful. Nay, when I ask about the Best Vine Ever, I guess what I really mean is that I want to find a Vine that best represents this era, a brief, wonderful, fleeting period of time that could only be fully captured in brief, fleeting, six-second videos. I want to find the Vine that tells the viewer what was all about. If someone told me that I had to pick one Vine, only one, to be shown to a future civilization 1, years from now in either an academic or a sociological sense, I know what I would pick. And this is why.

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And they were roommates






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