Acura mdx car and driver

2016 Acura MDX SH-AWD with 9-Speed Automatic

acura mdx car and driver

2017 Acura MDX - Review and Road Test

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Just like that one friend on Facebook who keeps shuffling through myriad profile pictures, luxury-car companies are always introducing new front grilles. Acura, a brand that struggles with identity issues, is the latest to do so, just as we were starting to get used to its previous design, an inelegant shield most commonly referred to as a beak. Will the nose job help give Acura more character? Final judgment will have to wait until the diamond-pentagon face makes its way onto other Acuras within the next few years. The MDX remains one of the most entertaining three-row luxury crossovers to drive, which might sound like saying that Kim is the most intellectually stimulating of the Kardashians. Push it into a corner hard and stand on the throttle, and the differential goes to work apportioning torque to the outside-rear wheel, quelling understeer and motoring you on your way with little drama.

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The first driving impression we gained at Acura's press launch of its brand-new MDX in western Pennsylvania wasn't on the road. It was on a track. And so confident was Acura in the dynamic talents of its new 7-passenger crossover ute, it brought along a trio of competitors, including the Porsche Cayenne V-6, the BMW X5 4. How did it do? Beautifully, honestly, trouncing the Volvo, out-gunning the fat Cayenne and nearly matching the X5 in the fun-to-drive arena. Most telling was its behavior in transitory moves under full throttle.

The Acura MDX is not your ordinary, everyday three-row crossover—not only does it handle extremely well for its size, it's available with a hybrid powertrain derived from Acura's NSX supercar. While the setup used here is less exotic, its performance and drivability are better than the standard hp V-6 version with optional torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, the MDX has a flawed infotainment system and an unimpressive interior—two important features that make this system inferior to most rivals. Apart from that, the Acura has abundant standard features and ranks among the most compelling options in its class. The MDX receives a handful of updates that includes a new appearance package, improved interior materials, and several performance enhancements. Acura also makes the sporty A-Spec package available on gas-powered models with all-wheel drive.

Acura these days looks very little like the Acura of old, a onetime maker of premium, sporty cars backed by Honda's reputation for engineering excellence and reliability. The Honda connection remains, but Acura's lineup no longer bursts with overtly fun-to-drive vehicles. Instead, the majority of its offerings are little more than fancier Hondas. That's not objectively bad, but the brand could use a spiritual realignment away from stuff like the somewhat bland three-row MDX and aging, compact ILX toward the likes of its NSX supercar and the sportier versions of its TLX sedan , which seem to uphold the values on which Acura was founded. Pick an Acura model below to find detailed reviews, pricing, and specs. With performance that matches its hot looks, the NSX occupies a unique niche as a hybrid supercar that is comfortable enough to drive every day.

2014 Acura MDX SH-AWD

The Acura MDX full-size crossover hit the gym this year. It was already a lean performer as far as family vehicles go, but now with a sportier A-Spec trim level, it's gone Whole We rate it 7.

2020 Acura MDX

Blockbuster sequels are all about one-upmanship—more explosions mean more popcorn sales. So when Acura introduced a redesigned but less powerful MDX, we were puzzled. Then it said the three-row SUV would, for the first time, be available in a dumbed-down, front-wheel-drive model. The whole thing sounded like The Expendables 3 rewritten as a Katherine Heigl romantic comedy. That 3. With variable valve timing and lift a.

First is a superlow creeper gear. The MDX storms out of the hole from rest using a It then continues on to a mph quarter-mile trap speed in About that shifting: driver inputs are via buttons instead of a lever, as is the case on nine-speed versions of the new TLX sedan. Although off-putting at first, like learning to play the clarinet, we eventually got the hang of it. There are some instances, perhaps when trying to do a quick three-point U-turn in front of an approaching semi, where you might yearn for the Neanderthal familiarity of a PRNDL shift lever.

The Acura MDX doesn't draw much attention on the street, but this three-row crossover is surprisingly fleet-footed. With seating for up to seven and the ability to tow up to pounds, the MDX is more than capable of ferrying families on whatever adventure they choose. While the third row is small for adults and the dual-touchscreen infotainment system can be frustrating to use, the Acura SUV has comfortable seats and desirable luxury features. It also comes with either a dutiful V-6 engine or an optional high-tech hybrid powertrain in the Sport Hybrid model. Both versions supplement the MDX's fun-to-drive character, but the Sport Hybrid is particularly refined and speedy. Although it's not as stylish or as sophisticated as the best crossovers and SUVs in its class, the Acura MDX is a unique and engaging alternative. For , the MDX carries over without any changes to its appearance, mechanical components, or available features.

Acura introduces a new grille for the three-row MDX.
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  1. The Acura MDX doesn't draw much attention on the street, but this three- row crossover is surprisingly fleet-footed. With seating for up to seven and the.

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