Danielle and nelson 90 day fiance

Danielle Jbali addresses 2005 arrest, stays focused on college, kids & grandkids

danielle and nelson 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali had a fan help her find a new man The 90 Day Fiance Ohio native met a man on the internet named Nelson.

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However, unlike her very public relationship with her ex-husband, Mohamed Jbali , this relationship is being kept on the down-low, according to Danielle. Later she spoke with In Touch Weekly about her new relationship. Danielle brought the Tunisian-born Mohamed to Ohio to get married and live with her and her three teenage daughters. They probably only just stopped sharing a bed when Larrissa came to town!!!!! What person , other than reality reporters, reach out to these crazies?!

I made my decision on finances and time. It costs money with documents to change it. All of the documents that costs money are my drivers license, school ID, passport, STNA license and home and car titles. Sometimes things don't work out the way you hoped. In her statement, Danielle addressed what happened with him. Back in , Mohamed said on-camera that he did not want to have sex with Danielle because she smelled bad and that she peed on him.

I am writing this statement to address some things, viewers of the show have been asking and this is the last time I will address these topics. When you are fighting and emotional you say things you later regret. I am at peace with all my decisions and I am living my life. Mohamed will have to face his judgement when he dies and has to answer to Allah. The second thing I want to address and this is the last time I will answer this about my last name.

Just days after announcing that she can prove that Mohamed Jbali cheated on her , 90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins tried to answer her most frequently asked fan questions. She's addressing how she really feels about Mohamed, and publicly addressing her alleged genital odor - the one that Mohamed publicly accused her of having. She also gives an update on her life and explains, once and for all, why she's still going by Danielle Jbali. The eagle-eyed folks over at The Ashley noticed that Danielle addressed her "hygiene" rumors in a social media post. By which she means that he allegedly cheated on her, used her to get a green card despite telling her he loved her , and also withheld sex during their marriage - with the exception of one time, to consummate it. Danielle writes: "Mohamed will have to face his judgement when he dies and has to answer to Allah.

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  1. The marriage itself lasted only until he got his green card, when he moved out to live with a friend.

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