Emma on bold and beautiful

Thomas Runs Emmas Car off the Road As She Tries to Reach Hope

emma on bold and beautiful

Nia Sioux on The Bold and the Beautiful: Emma's Story

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Drucilla Barber Winters first cousin, once removed; presumed deceased. Emma idolized Hope Logan, who created the Hope for the Future fashion line for Los Angeles design house Forrester Creations, and began an internship there, getting to dish with Hope's family members about Hope's on-again-off-again relationship with Liam Spencer. Emma thought the models' runway skills were too stilted and suggested dance as a way of livening up the festivities; Emma busted a move and accidentally hit a boy in the face, rendering him unconscious. Emma learned he was fellow intern Alexander "Xander" Avant; it wasn't long before Emma and Xander were joking about their "knockout" introduction. Emma's delight that Hope agreed to incorporate choreography into the next Hope for the Future showing hit a snag when Emma got busted taking what she thought were innocent photos of exclusive Forrester designs to aid in her process. Though Emma was happy when Xander standing by her led to a kiss, she felt disgruntled when Hope tabled her dance ideas and was briefly suspected of posting threatening messages on the HFTF web site. Emma soon found competition for Xander in the real culprit, Zoe Buckingham, Xander's ex-girlfriend from London.

And even before her first episode had aired, Sioux had even better news to share! Unfortunately, her run came to an end in June of when Emma met a tragic fate! Upon her introduction, Emma was immediately smitten with fellow Forrester intern, Xander Avant , and the two began a cute little romance. Unfortunately, it became complicated when his obsessed ex-girlfriend, Zoe , followed him from London. Especially since Emma wanted to wait before taking their relationship to the next level and Zoe was more than willing to do whatever Xander wanted.

Emma, along with Simon , became the two newest interns at Forrester Creations on April 23, She is brought on to work on the relaunching of the Hope For The Future campaign. Emma overheard a discussion between Zoe and Xander regarding the secret. Emma was floored by this information, and after chastising Zoe and Xander for holding it, proceeded to search for Hope, with the intent of telling her about it. After being told about what Emma has heard, Thomas also rushed to find Hope.

Candace Young. Friday, June 21st, Emma realizes there will be pain but maintains Hope must be told her baby is alive. Thomas warns Emma will have serious problems if she attempts to go to Hope. Emma perceives a threat.

Now I will admit I thought Xander might be the character to bite the dust, after he learned about the Beth bombshell. I mean he has been more a focal point of the story in recent weeks and his demise would have really kicked the narrative off in a big way. Emma was livid and read the riot act to her former flame his new flame. Emma was livid and I was rooting for it because at long last, we got some traction and the thought of Hope learning the truth would come to light. Zoe flipping out at the prospect of going to jail and wanting to protect her father, immediately called Thomas and informed him of the news. Thomas was enraged and has not been acting like himself lately, which Brooke immediately sensed earlier in the week. Brooke raised her concerns with Ridge who dismissed them, and fans of the soap are well aware Thomas has a history of issues.

What Happened to Emma on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL








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  1. Forrester Creations got a new employee with a familiar face Nia Sioux from DANCE MOMS joined the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL back in April of Unfortunately, her run came to an end in June of when Emma met a tragic fate! Upon her introduction, Emma was immediately.

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